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Catching Up

Somehow almost 3 months have passed since I last wrote. My days and nights have been jam-packed, but I’ve missed blogging. The kids are growing up and I know I’ll forget the stories if I don’t write them down. Here’s a not-so-complete recap list o’ memories. 1. We survived another year of homeschooling! Jake finished… Continue reading Catching Up

Family · Stories about Emmie · Stories About Jake

There’s Always a Marvel/DC Debate

Which one is better? Marvel or DC? As a mom of a 12-year old boy, I have overheard this being discussed in the most serious of nature. Sometimes it gets heated and the debate includes a lot of “dude! but…” exclamations. I cannot contribute much to the conversation. I just smile and nod. I think,… Continue reading There’s Always a Marvel/DC Debate