Broken Foot Saga '08-'09

Another Post About The Foot

In my last post I referenced Yoda but, if you can believe it, did not take the opportunity to use my backwards Yoda speak. Out of it, I must be. My mind has been fixated on one thing: my follow-up doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  I can think of nothing else besides:  the hardly-discussed Bachelor and how happy it makes me that I can watch… Continue reading Another Post About The Foot

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Over It But Not Going Under

Guess what?  After a few days of putting weight back on my foot I’m having problems again.  After a busy weekend, I noticed my toes were really swollen and the side of my foot hurt a lot on Sunday night.  I rested yesterday thanks to my friend’s invitation to take Max for the day but even after that, I don’t feel… Continue reading Over It But Not Going Under