I thought I’d drop by and say hello. It’s been a long while, hasn’t it?

Life is good. Jake is nearly finished with his 8th grade year. Our homeschool group has a ceremony planned for the middle school grads, and Jake is playing the piano (a song from Mulan) and is willing (even wants) to wear a suit. I will be looking back at old kindergarten pictures every night and saying things I always say: How does the time go by so fast?

Emmie had her 9th birthday in February. We had a party at Build-a-Bear with 9 friends, which was cuter than I ever hoped. The girls were at the perfect age for a party that made them feel grown up to get to go to the mall together, yet little enough to enthusiastically participate and close their eyes and make a wish for their new stuffed friend. They hugged their new teddy bears – in public – at the mall – with delight.

Another year of homeschooling. We are almost at the finish line for 8th and 3rd. It’s been one of the best years. Jake took a few classes; I had more one-on-one time with Emmie. While my dreams of frequently trekking to museums and the zoo realistically meant we went once in September, it was still a year that met many of my mom/teacher goals. We got through math. We went to the library and read a ton of books. We were active in our co-op. We stuck to a schedule, kind of. As a hard-core procrastinator, I appreciated learning about Trello, which helped me stay on top of the schedule for the upcoming week. Even if it was done on Monday after breakfast.

We’re in the thick of theater season, softball season, and end-of-year ministry planning. April is flying. May will skate by in a blur. Just like every year.

So thankful.


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