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Day at the Fair

Jake volunteered with 4-H to help with VIP Day at the fair. VIP day is an opportunity to spend time interacting with children who have disabilities; making them and their families feel welcomed at the fair.

He said he was very quiet but it was fun walking around with the girl he and his friend Alyssa were partnered with. Her mom and younger siblings were there, too. I hope Jake will sign up for more opportunities like this in the future. What a great way to feel more comfortable and to learn, grow, and serve others in the community.

Emmie and I planned to meet Jake at the fair after lunch. We parked at the mall and rode the free bus shuttle to the fairgrounds. It’s always fun for homeschooled kids to ride a yellow school bus! Maybe a little for their moms, as well. #notsurewhyIadmittedthat


Once we got to the fair entrance, first things first. We got ourselves a map.


It reminded me of this picture of Jake that I took 9 years ago at the fair.

Aug 07 014

I remember how he just stood there and studied the map even though he couldn’t read yet. It was the cutest thing.

We made our way to the photography and art building to check out some of our friends’ works. Kara, who is in our high school group earned a ribbon for her photo of Megan (also in our high school youth group).


That was fun to see!

Then we visited the CEF booth and Emmie listened to a Bible story while getting her face painted with one of the ninja turtles.


Emmie’s not really into the TMNTs but a boy in our neighborhood is. Hmmm.

The next 45 minutes (!) was spent at the home arts building where Emmie sat down for every single demonstration and tried to learn a new skill. I need to look for a sewing or home arts class for this girl in the near future. She would love it.


The rest of the day was spent walking around the animal barns, meeting up with some friends, and taking a few selfies for my Instagram story. (I love IG stories by the way. Love.)

We stopped by vendor booths to spin wheels and try to win prizes (she was the lucky winner of candy, a dog leash, and a pair of sunglasses with a corporate logo). But wait, there’s more. She also turned in her summer reading form to earn a free Pepsi and ice-cream scoop. And then she played a ball toss game on stage and won another prize and then won a balloon after that. She felt like things could not get more amazing.

I think they both had amazing days at the fair.





2 thoughts on “Day at the Fair

    1. I wish we had made it to the 4H building, but those storm clouds rushed us home earlier than expected. I hope you guys had fun at the fair!

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