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Coughs and Colds in the Heat of Summer

We didn’t have the best week since all of us have been under the weather. I took Jake to the doctor yesterday because he coughed through the night and didn’t seem to be getting better on his own. He’s on antibiotics for bronchitis and a sinus infection. Emmie was the only one of us that had a fever, but she bounced back pretty quickly. She has an inhaler which helps with her lingering cough, but it makes her hyper. She wants to do all the things we’ve ever talked about doing this summer. Right now.


Since we couldn’t just take off for the beach and swim in the ocean, we thought of some fun things we could do that were more low key.

Snapchat to the rescue.

Sigh. It’s been a long week. Plus our air-conditioner broke on Tuesday and who has time for that? Actually, I have time for that. Because we’re talking about air-conditioning in late July. It was so hot and stuffy in our house, but thankfully we only had to bear it for one night and the problem wasn’t terribly expensive to fix.

Now that the house is cool again and I promise to never ever take air conditioning for granted, I can fix my attention on homeschooling. I decided that our first day of school should be sooner rather than later, so we’re going to start on August 15th.

That’s right. School starts in 2 weeks.



She had some feelings about that news.




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