When the best day of the week was a Monday

I caught a bad cold so I don’t have a lot of recall about what our family has been up to this week. Three out of five mornings I was back in bed by 10:00 a.m. feeling like my head was about to explode. So, basically that’s all I remember. I know Emmie went to basketball camp and it was really hot this week.

The week didn’t start off so bad. I took the van into the shop on Monday morning, then spent the afternoon shuttling kids around town. We heard our Christian radio station was giving out free ice-cream not too far from us, so we stopped by.


We hugged some friends from Emmie’s softball team who were waiting in line to be interviewed on the radio. Jake and his friend, Justin, were going to a movie so we couldn’t stay long, and did I mention that it was hot? Because it was ten thousand degrees Fahrenheit.


Although she was disappointed to have to leave, I convinced her we could hear the interview better anyway from the air-conditioned car.

Jake and his friends went to the movie, came back to our house for a quick dinner, then we went to the church for jr. high Bible Study. Our group has grown to over 20 kids, which is a great turnout. (We’re going through the student edition of The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel.) But, by the end of the night, I was a goner. My throat hurt so bad and I couldn’t get in bed soon enough.

It was a major bummer to get sick because we were going to go down to visit our friends in Lynchburg. Actually, originally we had a bigger trip planned to visit both my sister’s family and our friends, but since our van was in the shop we postponed our visit with cousins until a later time. We thought we could still make the weekend trip to the Harrison’s, but I knew we’d better cancel because of how I felt. We were really bummed.

Weeks that go downhill like this aren’t much fun. But at least there was Monday, and how many times does a Monday get a compliment like that?


3 thoughts on “When the best day of the week was a Monday

  1. So sorry you’re feeling so yucky!!!! Kara (bestie) just got over a nasty cold, too! I just got back from visiting her and her new baby and YES, my oh my, was it HOTT!!!!! We couldn’t stand much time outside, other than walking to and from the car to the shops and the house! lol Hope you’re feeling better! xox

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