VBS Week and a Hit and Run

Both Jake and Emmie went to VBS this week at Greenridge Baptist. They had the best time.


Jake’s VBS was for middle schoolers and it was a separate program with lots of crazy games, relays, water, shaving cream, and other fun stuff. Emmie went in the morning and Jake went in the afternoon. That meant I drove back and forth quite a bit this week, but it was well worth it. As an added bonus, I had 3 hours to myself each morning and 3 hours of quality time alone with Emmie.


We went to Cow Appreciation Day at CFA (our first time). Crazy busy but lots of fun. CFA is the only restaurant I will ever go to willingly when it’s packed.

That morning while Emmie was at VBS I was on a mission to get as many errands out of the way as possible. I’m not sure exactly when and where, but on that day my van was hit while it was parked.


Did the person leave a note? No, they didn’t. I was so mad! I called our insurance and took it in for an estimate.


We’re responsible for our $250 deductible. I’d love to spend $250 on just about anything else right now.

And, as much as I want to complain when things like this happen in life, I know the right thing to do is remember to count my blessings. This past week actually been great with lots of family time. Mike is still on sabbatical and we’re enjoying a lot of togetherness.





Many blessings to be thankful to God for.

Have a great weekend!


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