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Give me an F! Give me a C! Give me an A!

Last week the kids were at FCA Power Camp. This was Emmie’s first year (she did cheerleading) and Jake’s third year (he was on the sports media team).



Each camper decides on a sport or activity that they want to do all week. They offer all kinds of sports. If I went to Power Camp as a kid, I’d have a tough time deciding. Like my kids, I’d want to do both cheerleading and sports media; however, Jake and Emmie actually have some talent. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Still, I would’ve had fun. That’s the great thing about Power Camp – every kid has a fantastic time, regardless of their abilities. More importantly, they hear the gospel in a setting suited just for them. They leave camp knowing that God’s gift to them is way better than the sport they love or talent they have. Through Christ they know what it means to really win.

While the kids were at camp, Mike and I spent a lot of time together since he’s on his sabbatical. We had lunch with friends one day and afterwards we did something we rarely do together.

Hold on. This is wild stuff. We went to the grocery store together.


I know. Kids are at camp. We can go wherever we want. We’re down right crazy.

He needed some snacks and stuff for s’mores for the college group (and yes, we needed milk, bananas, and oatmeal). (In the interest of giving plenty of details.) I took this picture because he was cracking me up when we passed by an end-cap for campfire supplies. We stayed there a little too long, but it was hilarious.


He makes me laugh. After 19 years, isn’t that the best thing ever.




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