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Reading or Water Balloons? Is there any Question?


Every 7 years our church generously gives each pastor a sabbatical in addition to vacation time. Mike is taking this last week in June and most of July off for some R&R, and we are grateful for that. We don’t have major plans since the kids and I are still pretty busy with camps and other activities (not a bad thing that summer is so fun and busy). It’s working beautifully so far because it’s given Mike some quiet mornings here at home to read.


Or fill water balloons. Whatever. πŸ™‚

Other than helping me with the jr. high’s World of Water, I made all manner of suggestions to Mike on how he should spend his sabbatical.

Let’s paint!

Let’s travel!

Let’s go…camping! Really, I’m serious! Camping!

Those brilliant ideas were met with little to no enthusiasm. Camping, he reminded me, wasn’t really something I enjoyed. Ha! I guess he’s got a point. Now that I’m thinking more clearly, I remember. I do like my comfortable bed and I’m pretty fond of electricity.

And, painting and travel, as fun as they would be, aren’t yet in our budget, and having the cash usually helps in those situations. πŸ™‚

So this block of time will not be spent doing anything major, but I think it will be more relaxing in that case. He’s got a big stack of books to read and, when the family calendar has some free days, we’ll creatively take advantage of them.

Like a few days ago, for instance. We had some time to go out for ice-cream (just the two of us) in the middle of the afternoon. That’s certainly not a bad way to spend the day.






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