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Softball, Saddles, and Summer

As soon as softball season was coming to an end, so was another school year. Jake finished 7th grade, and Emmie completed 2nd grade.

We had an easy last day of school and the weather was beautiful. I suggested we go outside and take some pictures (no surprise there). I was already feeling all the feelings about it, even before we made our way to the rocks along the lake and the “bendy” tree in our neighborhood. Our townhouse has a yard the size of a postage stamp, but we take advantage of the open space around us all year long. So, we have a lot of homeschool memories here.

Jake and Emmie June 2016-2

Before I move on to talk about Emmie’s first week of summer at horse camp, I can’t forget to post the professional pics of her softball team. They all became friends – every single girl was a team player and they encouraged each other, no matter what. The team’s record was something like 2-9 but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was they had fun and improved a ton. And the snacks. The snacks mattered a lot.

And, yes – those two wins were awesome, baby!

Team pic

This pic is the cutest, isn’t it?

0048-E_Speer_10UCrush-Orange_01 copy

Emmie got the team award for cheerleading (she practiced them day in and day out), and she played her heart out while fielding (she loved 2nd base the most) and batting. She and her friend, Paige, both earned the “Bring Them Home” award for hitting the most RBI’s for the team.

Now, on to summer! Last week Emmie went to horse camp and had a blast!



The first few days of camp were a little dramatic. She had an allergic reaction so I brought her home early. She wasn’t very happy with my decision, but her eyes and face were swollen and she had hives around her mouth and her eyes were burning. I wasn’t sure why; I just knew she needed some Benadryl. She has allergies to other animals, so it wasn’t completely out of the realm of possibility that she was also allergic to horses.


Long story short, we went to the allergist for skin tests. We prayed that the test would be 100% accurate and she told me she would “handle it okay.” Bless her heart.


Well, good news! She’s not allergic to horses, but she reacted to all the grasses. Totally manageable (she’s been completely fine since taking Zyrtec). She had a huge smile and gave me a high five. Back to camp to be with her friends and to ride Cheyenne for the rest of the week!







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