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Three Cheers for the Chair

Jake is in a theater troupe for homeschoolers, and their production of Tale of Beauty and the Beast was last weekend. After auditions, he lacked some enthusiasm for the role he was assigned. He was going to play the part of the chair, which didn’t exactly sound exciting. But his attitude was awesome, and he willingly listened to the director’s ideas for him. He loved going to HST every Friday. It was a wonderful thing to see it all come together. He did such a great job! They all did!

The musical follows the classic story and differs from the Disney version, but I actually liked it better. Maybe that’s because I don’t remember a chair in the Disney version. And now I’m biased.

Here he is, ladies and gentlemen! Jake…as the chair. The best seat in the house! 🙂


The chair, the clock, and the painting were hilarious. They sang and danced to Beauty, and the choreography was really cute. Best of all, they worked hard all year and had fun!


This was Jake’s last year in Junior Troupe. Next year he’s going to be doing something a little different. He’ll be with his best friend, Will, in the Travel Troupe.


It’s going to be interesting!

Travel Troupe is made up of middle and high schoolers and they put together their own show with improv, comedy, and other acts. Then they take it on the road! (The road doesn’t take them far, but it does lead to some nursing homes. ha!) Plus, they’ll do a big coffeehouse performance at the end of the year. Should be a lot of fun.

Proud of you, Jake! Thanks for saying you liked the balloon I gave you. My artwork isn’t so great, but at least my chair puns made you laugh. At least a little.


2 thoughts on “Three Cheers for the Chair

  1. Jake’s costume was outstanding and his performance as “The Chair” was GREAT!. Loved the trio: the Chair, the Clock and the Picture. They were fantastic. Enjoyed the play very much!

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