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It’s Friday! I’d give you a high five, but that hurts.

What a long week with aching backs, painful shoulders, drab weather, severe thunderstorms, and stir-crazy kids.

It’s finally Friday!

Since the end of December, I’ve been having episodes of back spasms and pain, and it happened again while I reached out for a book last Monday. My back went out when I reached for a book! I can’t even tell you how pitiful that made me feel.

I was in pain, but more discouraged. In two months, this had happened three times. I finally decided enough was enough, and after a bunch of friends convinced me to go, I made an appointment with a chiropractor.

I had never been to a chiropractor. At first I thought I was only making things worse by choosing this route, but now I’m feeling hopeful. After the initial adjustment, the next day I felt like I had pulled a muscle in my shoulder. What? I discussed it with her during the second visit. I don’t think she was glad I was in pain, but it actually gave her more information to go on. She found the problem and worked out the tightness, and I had instant relief in my shoulder and better movement in my lower back. Whew.

The issue is an irritated SI joint, which should heal with adjustments and specific exercises. Right now I’m in the correction stage and not allowed to exercise on my own, which makes me feel like a lazy blob. But soon, maybe?? I’m allowed to go walking, at least.

I’m hoping for good weather this weekend! The kids and I need fresh air more than anything.


How was your week?





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