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Happy 8th Birthday

Last Tuesday was Emmie’s birthday! We just had a small family celebration this year. Grammy came over for the Birthday Girl’s planned menu and games: hot dogs, mac & cheese, and Monopoly. And of course, cake.


The cake was a big deal. She found what she liked on Pinterest and she did everything herself. I just stood by and watched her bake and helped with the frosting (and did all the dishes). (And licked the bowl before doing all the dishes.) (A little.) (Okay, a lot.)

She had fun decorating the cake.


IMG_8320On the morning of her birthday, she woke us up early. She had already asked if she could open the presents that were waiting for her on the kitchen table. First things first.


That night Grammy came over for our gourmet dinner then we played Monopoly (her current favorite game and she got the electronic version as a gift).


_DSC0150We had a fun night with the birthday girl!

p.s. did you recognize Jake in glasses??

p.p.s speaking of Jake – he made this movie for Emmie’s birthday present. It was the sweetest gift imaginable. He worked on it for a couple of hours that morning, then we showed it on our TV later that night. He wrote the music for the intro. He’s in his second year of piano and really likes to write music.

I’ve watched it a million times and always end up crying! I’m really proud of him. Plus, I just can’t even deal with the fact that I see her grow up in this video, which is less than 2 minutes. And that’s exactly how it feels in real life.





4 thoughts on “Happy 8th Birthday

  1. And it tasted good! It was a strawberry cake (from a box) with homemade buttercream and brown sugar for the beach…not a flavor combination that I thought would go, but we watched Master Chef Jr so she was totally confident. ๐Ÿ™‚ They both impress my socks off with their willingness to try something they’ve seen before…like why not? I love that!

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