Looking Back on 2015

2015 was a wonderful year and I shoulda blogged about it more often! Shoulda coulda woulda. So I wasn’t such a faithful blogger in 2015. But that just gives me an extra push to write a nice little recap of the year.

I love a good year-end recap, don’t you?



So, allow me to summarize 2015: It was a mix of wonderful and hard. Some of the highlights were having a lot more family time since Mike finished seminary, going to the beach twice last summer, taking a few road trips to visit friends and family, and taking on some challenges personally.

The first challenge was doing the Insanity workout (at least the first month of it). I couldn’t keep up with the pace in the second month, but I loved how it got me back on track after the holidays. The next challenge was completing the 21 Day Fix with a few friends in the summer. This year my weight fluctuated more than ever (hello 40’s) so these challenges stepped up my workouts and kept me going when I got discouraged.

I also felt a growing desire to start a photography business. I spent last year doing senior, engagement, child, and family portrait sessions in order to get more practice with my camera and with editing in Lightroom. I seem to learn best from practice and getting out there and trying different things in different settings. I asked about a dozen of my friends if I could pretend to be their professional photographer, going on location and spending at least an hour with them. Then I gave myself a deadline to edit the photos and give them a CD. It was an experiment and I have to say, I loved every minute of it!

Here are 9 of my favorites.


In 2016, I will go for it. I’ll focus on building my skills and gaining more experience. I’m a mommy photographer with a big ol’ sum of zero dollars to invest in the beginning. That’s not a lot. šŸ™‚ I’m starting out with my Nikon D3100, two lenses, and just a basic understanding of the apps in Creative Cloud. BUT. I can’t sit still right now. I’m so excited! I’m spending time each day reading, watching tutorials, looking at photos, shooting with my camera, and learning about how to be efficient and run a part-time business.

I want to help contribute to our family income a little bit now, but I dream of doing this for a long time. I love it that much! But I’ve got to be honest; I have fears and self-doubt, too. A long list of them. I’m praying for God to keep opening the doors and to lead me in honoring Him with all of this. I already have a clear vision of what matters most, at least.

Looking forward to what’s ahead in 2016! I welcome your words of wisdom and I’m thankful for you!

Happy New Year!








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