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Catching Up

Somehow almost 3 months have passed since I last wrote. My days and nights have been jam-packed, but I’ve missed blogging. The kids are growing up and I know I’ll forget the stories if I don’t write them down. Here’s a not-so-complete recap list o’ memories.

1. We survived another year of homeschooling! Jake finished 6th grade and Emmie completed 1st grade. This was one of our best years overall, but once again, it didn’t look exactly like I predicted (or planned) when we started in September.

We read a stack of books on the Eastern Hemisphere cultures (Sonlight Core F), so we discussed a lot of world religions and customs. As always, Jake asks good questions! His desire to travel the world has only increased. However, Europe remains at the top of the list of places he wants to visit. And Disney World. He wrote a paper about what he’d do if he won a million dollars. He’d go to Italy, Disney World, and invest in real estate with awesome backyard pool and video game room.

Here are some pics of Jake and Emmie taken at the beginning and the end of this school year.

IMG_4253IMG_4252I took Emmie’s last day of school pics at the library. I was in a cranky mood because I owed $4.00 in late fines (that puts me over the edge, sadly). But Emmie was carefree about it and she turned my mood around. She’s such a cutie.


2. Mike graduated from seminary! Okay, this isn’t new news since he finished in December (I can’t believe it’s been six months already of NO PAPERS DUE). He walked for Liberty’s graduation in May. We had a fun weekend with friends and family. Our senior pastor, Colin, earned his doctorate at the same time, so his family made the trip, as well.


DSC_0389 DSC_0402

We visited with friends who live in Lynchburg (it was SO great to catch up and I only wish our stay was longer). We had lunch with a family who moved down last year. They have a gorgeous home on a wooded lot.


Pops & Nana (Mike’s parents) came down for the graduation, too. They were in Arkansas all winter, and it was so good to visit and eat together afterwards. I know they are proud of their boy. ๐Ÿ™‚



By the way, Liberty has a beautiful campus. We walked through the new cinematography department on our way, too, and Jake declared he was going there. It was impressive, indeed.

Hope he wins that million dollars!

3. I had my first senior portrait client



This is Noah, and it blows my mind that he’s old enough to be going to college in the fall. We’ve known him since he was born. Fun fact: his family adopted through Hope’s Promise in Colorado, which is how we learned of the agency. We got to visit his birth family when Jake was born, in fact. So fun!

Noah is a brilliant young man with a mind for physics. My dad has a Ph.D in Solid State Physics, which is about all I can add to any conversation on the subject, but Noah gave me an impressive nod and said that’s what he wants to study, as well. Maybe Noah was then contemplating how he might have a daughter someday like me who has zero capabilities of understanding solid state physics, but is lots of fun and giggles at stupid things. I hope he’s okay with that.

The idea for a backdrop with equations was a shared one between his mom (a great friend) and me. I think it worked nicely.

4. Jake started parkour and Emmie finished gymnastics

We heard about a parkour and agility training class and Jake’s eyes lit up. From the first week he loved it and I wondered where this has been his entire life. It’s 90 minutes of non-stop jumping, climbing, and flipping. Totally his thing.


Emmie wants to start going to the same class (but for her age group). She tried it out once and LOVED it. She also wants to do hundreds of other activities. ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be nice to take them to something that runs at the same day and time, so I’ll probably sign her up in the fall. Not zig-zag driving all over the county seven days a week to different locations. That’s huge.

Anyway, she’s ready to move on from regular gymnastics. She participated in a “skills and spills” meet in early June and proudly represented the US of A when she received her trophy.


She loved gymnastics, but perhaps it isn’t much of a surprise that she was ready to move on. Even though she had a big smile on her face at the different stations (trampoline, bar, beam, etc), this is what she wrote about her favorite.



Next up, American Ninja Warrior. Or basketball. Or tennis. Or soccer. Or golf. Or dance. Or horseback riding. The possibilities are endless (given that Jake wins the money). If her enthusiasm for the water fountain is any indication, she would find joy in any or all of them. And you know what? I love that about her.

That’s where I’ll leave off for this re-cap or else I’ll get absolutely nothing done that I need to get done today. Mike leaves on a missions trip with our high school group tomorrow and he’ll probably need clean laundry. Hope you’re having a great weekend. I hope to back soon!


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2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Nice to see you’re back to blogging again :). Summer seems like the perfect time to relax, but that’s in an ideal world. At least the weather is nice, for most of the time.
    Hopefully Jake keeps that love of travel alive- I know I still do! I used to have a map of the world in my room, and with little post it note flags I would mark places I wanted to visit.
    Do you think you’ll continue to take senior pictures for kids? You’re a great photographer, I’m sure you’d get customers!

  2. Happy to see you back on the blog–but I’m also happy to follow your happenings on Instagram too–it’s just so quick and easy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m going to have to see if there are any parkour gyms in our area–they sound soooo cool! Glad Jake is having fun there (and maybe Emmie too soon). We LOVE watching American Ninja Warrior and they talk a lot about parkour or agility gyms–of course I always think of The Office–was it Dwight and Andy doing Parkour all through the office?

    YAY for your photography!! And another year homeschooling–you’re my hero! ๐Ÿ™‚

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