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Spring Break

Our schools are on Spring Break this week and usually we don’t take off from homeschooling, but the powers that be (viruses, check-ups, and a minor car accident) dictated that we would. While I stayed home on Easter, Mike and the kids were in a fender-bender in heavy traffic coming back at night from our friends’ house. Everyone is okay and it was a minor thing, but our little Baby Blue (Mike doesn’t really approve of this nickname, by the way) is in the shop for a week and we had to get a rental car, yada yada yada. It’s rainy and now Jake has my cold. It’s just been one of those weeks.


I asked Emmie to make sure Daddy didn’t forget to take their picture because I was barely coherent on Easter morning before they left for church. A friend was nice enough to take one with his good camera, which made me quite happy. I missed being with my family!

Unrelated to colds, I took Emmie in for her check-up that was scheduled months ago and she was re-tested for strep (it was negative). Remember when she had strep in November and it caused neurological tics instead of the usual sore throat? We had been told that the tics would go away over time but it might take up to 6 months. I think they’re almost gone now. I see her arm jerk out straight about once or twice a day, so it has taken as long as the doctor predicted. But there has definitely been major improvement. Our bodies are so complex.

She had a great appointment (she’s still a peanut in size being in the 20th percentile for height and weight), but growing up in so many ways. When she heard she was up to date on her shots and didn’t need anything, she did a little happy dance and asked if we could go get some fro-yo.

So we did.


And this is crazy, but it always seems to happen: we don’t have to go to the doctor for a long stretch of time, then all of the sudden we are there a lot. I had to take Jake in this morning for a rash on his arms and face. At first I thought it was just a sensitive skin break-out. Detergents and fragrances bother him and I usually can pinpoint when it’s caused by that. But this rash was spreading and lasting longer. The doctor was puzzled by it. She thinks it’s a virus, but she mentioned some other possibility that sent me into Crazy for a second. It rhymes with babies or another word for it rhymes with ice and I can’t even. I mean, I can’t even type it in a grown up way or google the pictures. He only has one of the common symptoms – a linear grouping of bumps. There are other random single bumps. He only says it itches every now and then and that seemed to be the biggest tell that it’s probably a virus. (HOPING!) TMI? Sorry. I hate rashes, they’re so confusing. We’re going to treat it with hyrodcortisone for a week and watch how it heals.

So, it hasn’t exactly been an exciting Spring Break. But one I’ll probably remember for a while!


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