Life Lately

Wow! An entire month has passed since I last posted. March o’ Fifteen provided full days of non-stop activity, but it was a really good (but cold!) month. I tried to instagram the memories as much as possible, so if you want to catch up on all the pics, follow me over there! I’m sincerelyannablog.

March Highlights


In March I got to share part of my testimony at a women’s event at church. The theme was a fiesta so I impressed everyone with my fluent Spanish. In other words, it was not impressive at all. The night was so fun. We had it in our new Multi-Purpose Room and a team of ladies went all out and decorated with bright colors and cuteness around every corner. I love detailed people. I also love going to our women’s events because I get to spend time with ladies that I normally don’t get to sit and talk to. We had all generations represented. Lots of laughing and eating churros.

Our youth group went to the Planet Wisdom conference, which was incredible (as always). We load up the cars and road trip together in DC traffic on a Friday afternoon around the beltway to Virginia and stay overnight in a hotel. All of our teens get SO excited for this conference. Loud music, a couple thousand screaming and dancing middle and high schoolers, funny skits, and great teaching about living for Christ. This year we have a small jr. high group (10 or so) and we had the best time introducing our 6th graders to all the fun. I still can’t believe Jake is in jr. high!

He got to meet the Skit Guys in person (we love them!) Could this picture with Tommy wearing Jake’s fedora be any better?! He was so excited!


In March we started horseback riding lessons for Jake. I asked him what he’d like to do for PE this semester and he asked for riding lessons. Thankfully, we have friends who homeschool and own 3 horses and give lessons that are practically private and affordable! I can bring Emmie, too, and my friend Jennifer allows her to have a few minutes on a horse, too. They are really happy when we are at the farm. They get to spend a couple hours outside and they don’t mind the chores. Win, Win!

IMG_3120 IMG_3122


IMG_3128 IMG_3130

Here are a couple of pictures thrown in from past visits with our friends.



There are a couple of donkeys at the farm, too. They are definitely more stubborn than the horses, but they are cute and make for some funny photo ops.

IMG_3127     IMG_0008 IMG_0006 IMG_0005

Looking Forward to April

I’m hoping warmer temps are up ahead for us (March was COLD!) and we’re ready for Spring. Jake’s musical is coming up in a couple of weeks (he is playing a pirate named Dizzy) and it’s a busy season for HST (Homeschool Talents) with 3 weekends of shows (already one weekend down, two to go). Mike and I are speaking at a marriage conference at the end of the month, we get to go to a youth leaders weekend after that, and I’m also preparing to share again at our women’s retreat in May. Life is busy!! But so good!

How’s life for you?


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