Six for Saturday

1. The dress that everyone is talking about – the one that some people see as white and gold and others see as blue and black? Well, this may come as no surprise, but our family was divided. Mike and Emmie see it as blue and black. Jake and I make the color adjustment and see it as gold and white. To me it is WITHOUT A DOUBT gold and white.

On Thursday night I showed the picture to Mike and said, “everyone is talking about this dress…what color do you think it is?” When he said “black and blue” I was FREAKED and left the room.

Anyone else?



After a week of having two different snow storms come through and schedules were suddenly cleared that gave some much needed breathing room, I’m now starting to panic. This week I start teaching a drama class at our homeschooling co-op, I’m way behind (and lost) in my photography class as we learn Photoshop, and I have 4-5 ‘talks’ coming up to prepare for. Part of me is excited; part of me wants to go hide underneath the bed.

Which is exactly how I felt about the snow. Unlike some people who were 100% excited.


3. I quit Insanity. I’m okay with being a quitter. This workout is too much for me, and it’s time I admit it. I felt really good at completing the first month, but the Max Interval workouts in Month 2 are ten steps beyond me. I didn’t stick with a single DVD to the end (they are 60 minutes and while some of the workouts I actually enjoyed more than Month 1 because I was better conditioned, the circuits seemed never-ending). This week I went back to Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30 and will mix in her other dvd’s. I like the alternating pace much more with the 3-2-1 strength training, cardio, and abs circuits. I feel good and wanted to share my before/after pics (reluctantly!!)


These are horrible pictures taken on my phone, but we all love before/after pics, right? Listen, I know I’m not a skinny mini and I am learning to be thankful for fitness and health, instead of being obsessed about being a certain size. I’m 5’5 and weigh between 154-160 (my weight goes up and down like crazy, which is a big change; it must have something to do with being 40 or maybe it has to do with m&m’s, I don’t know). The picture on the left was Day 1 (post-holiday sugar cookies and looking completely undone from my introduction to Shaun T’s workouts). The pic on the right was taken 5 weeks later after I completed Month 1.


Emmie took this pic last Sunday. Messy house, blurry picture – I’m letting that go because it doesn’t matter. She liked my outfit and was being really cute about it. What I like is being able to fit into these jeans!! I usually don’t feel comfortable or “myself” in skinny jeans and boots, no matter what size I am. But every once in a while I go for it and feel sassy when I do. I also love this chambray shirt I got from Old Navy.

4. Speaking of skinny jeans, I thought this picture that Emmie drew was adorable. First grade art is one of my favorite things in all the world, but since I’ve been reading blogs about Spring trends and people are talking about how both wide-leg pants and skinnies are in style this season, it was timely and relevant. 🙂


5. Jake and Emmie, depending on their mood, can be very competitive with each other over the silliest thing. They were arguing one morning about who was the most responsible in the family. Jake was calm, cool, and collected. His response was really funny. Emmie said she was the most responsible because she goes to bed early, unlike him! SO THERE! He just looked at her and said, “yeah, but that’s because I’m thinking about all of my responsibilities.”


6. Those two keep me laughing.


I don’t really have a story about this. They just decided to dress like this one day. We own our weirdness.

Have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “Six for Saturday

  1. Okay, can I just say that I think you look amazing? And I’m so grateful for you posting your height and weight because it’s making me reevaluate my self perception. Like, “Oh, maybe I really do look perfectly great like my husband is always telling me…” I’m 5’4, 152 pounds. If I look anything like you I’m thrilled with that. Ha! Self perception can be so weird.

  2. I clearly see black and blue and John clearly sees white and gold (and makes sure his opinion is the “right” one haha). I’ve seen so many videos on why people see the different colors, but I’ve decided I shouldn’t spend another night looking at that dress and not studying! Oh I started insanity once too… Once. Let’s just say you made it further than me. It’s definitely not my thing, but that’s awesome you made it as far as you did! It’s definitely something to be proud of.

  3. I think you look absolutely stunning in your skinny jeans, Old Navy Chambray shirt, boots and cool scarf! And I love that Jake & Emmie have these great debates. And that they own their own weirdness! Great post. Enjoyed it!

  4. Jake’s calm response is exactly the same way Ethan has always known how to push my buttons! Still the same today haha 🙂

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