Five for Friday

High five for Friday! We made it through another week and here are some of the highlights:

1. Our homeschool co-op had a performance night with a Wild West theme. Jake, who has been taking beginning piano since September, performed a song called “Buffalo Blues.” Mike accompanied him on guitar, and it was fun to listen to, and I was such a proud mom. Jake seems to be enjoying piano.


(my pictures never turn out well for these performance nights – bummer. I should take a photography class or something…wait, I am taking a photography class. I still have so much to learn.)

Jake also made a video using iMovie loosely based on the life of Billy the Kid. Loosely is a keyword here, because the research portion of this assignment was probably less than 15 minutes, but it sure was creative. Emmie starred in the movie as “Emmie the Kid.” Jake added some effects and music, and it made us all laugh. He shot the video from different rooms in our house, which offered a nice “lived-in” scenery of overflowing laundry baskets and disorganized bookshelves. Just like a classic Western.

Emmie also participated in Wild West Night. At first she wanted to do a gymnastics routine with friends, but that idea was.. um….kept somewhere tucked away for “another day.” So I suggested that she sing a song with her daddy and that went over big-time. They sang “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” It was adorable!


2. Speaking of adorable, two weeks ago Emmie lost her second top front tooth. I love her smile!


3. I’ve been sweating through a new workout routine since before Christmas. I’m doing Insanity, which wasn’t a dvd series I ever wanted to do because it was 1) over 25 minutes and 2) super fast. Besides, it was Mike’s workout. I had 14,000 Jillian Michaels DVDs to keep me going. But I got into a rut this Fall with only exercising when it was convenient. That, plus a few too many indulgences (each day) put on some pounds, so I felt like a kick in the pants was in order. Insanity is definitely a kick in the pants! It’s SO fast (I can’t keep up; don’t even think for a second that I can. The pace is fast (did I mention that?), which is the point. To every 16 push-ups Shaun T. does, I do 1/2). But I bought a heart rate monitor (this one here) and I push at my own level and do the best I can. Even my “modified” moves and pace burn more calories than I was previously doing, I’m sure.

One thing I like about Insanity is that it’s motivating, pure and simple. The instruction is great, and I like the repetition of the circuits. I don’t like that one of the girls that Shaun T. talks to has the name Anna, though. “Come on, Anna!” “Faster, Anna!” That’s just too much! 🙂 And I don’t like the length – 40-60 minutes is a long time and super hard to fit into my schedule. I usually work out from 9-10 p.m. but I do have the luxury of sleeping in until 8 a.m. most days because of homeschooling. So, for a short-term goal, I can make it work.

I’m seeing some improvement in inches, but greater so in energy, endurance, strength, and core balance.  I’m on Day 30 (of 54 – counting exercise days only). I hope to write another post soon with before and after pics…my results will not be earth-shattering, believe me. But I feel like I’m breaking through a wall here.

4. Yesterday, Emmie and I partially cleaned out her closet and moved some of her toys down to the basement. It was like When You Give A Mouse a Cookie for a while because one thing led to another, and I found myself with a huge project of organizing toys. Since she was helping me, and saw for herself how the MILLIONS of toys we own have taken over, she said she was ready to give away some things. I had no choice other than to pounce on that divine timing! She was in a great mood and made me laugh when she said, “well, goodbye, childhood.”IMG_2617

This Dora play house was given to us when she was 3, I think. She played with this set for hours, and every now and then will still play with it. But it takes up a lot of space, so Adios, Dora!

We are giving it to friends, and I think they’ll love it as much as Emmie did.

5. This weekend our church is hosting the streaming of the IF: Gathering. I’m really excited to attend and hear the messages and have some fellowship with other women. I’m not really sure what the event is all about, but I know I need to bring my Bible and a pen, and I’m sure the speakers will be great. I have no idea what God wants me to hear, but I’m praying with the hope that it’s something I need to hear. His timing is always perfect.

Hope you have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Way to go with Insanity girl!! That’s fantastic! I never made it to the second phase but did enjoy (in a sick way) the first one, even though it’s um…insane! It feels great to make progress though and realize hey, I didn’t feel like passing out today or I made it through the warm up without pressing extra pauses. I need to get back to a regular exercise ASAP.

    So excited to hear you got to listen/see the IF Gathering–love to hear more when you get a chance.

    Hooray for cleaning out closets! Her double gap smile is precious!!

    1. Thanks, Holly. The IF Gathering was really, really good. We had about 20 or so in our group with discussion groups at tables, and I’m so glad I went. I’m still thinking over certain nuggets of the messages. Your girl Jen was so good!

  2. So glad I got to attend the Wild West show. Enjoyed it! Jake and Emmie both did super with their parts. Lots of talent in that group! Great show!

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