It’s Like Reading a Book that a Friend Wrote

978-1-4143-9173-1I’m reading Boomama‘s book Home is Where My People Are, and I love it. Can I just say that I’m SO HAPPY that both Boomama and Big Mama are still blogging, podcasting, and have written books? I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve worked on because I love the writing style and down-to-earth personality of both women. Today is the last day that you can download Sophie’s first book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet, for free (click here for all the links). My mom read it this week and texted me right away when she finished. Since she grew up in the south, it was such a fun and relatable read for her. Also, she said she pictured Boomama as a brunette, which made me laugh because I did, too, when I started reading her blog!

Anyway, as I’m reading Boomama’s book right now, a desire to get back to blogging everyday is growing. I miss the old days. Instagram is nicely taking its place as a way to connect and chuckle over a picture or just get a positive feeling while you’re waiting in line somewhere (way more than Facebook), but I miss sharing the everyday stories. The writing process is what I long to do, even though it comes with certain consequences like staying up way too late or fretting over my grammar issues.

The words “you have a serious comma problem” written by my TA at Baylor during my freshman year still come back to haunt me. He also told me in red pen that “hopefully” wasn’t a word. Then I garnered the courage to actually discuss that with him in person, which left me in tears. I wonder what happened to that delightful guy.

Have you read any of Boomama’s or Big Mama’s books? Are you equally delighted that they still blog on a regular basis after all these years? I’m already looking forward to their next books!


7 thoughts on “It’s Like Reading a Book that a Friend Wrote

  1. I think I use hopefully too much–why isn’t it a word???? I miss regular blogging too, but refuse to give it up completely. I get super lazy though and will just read posts instead of commenting like back in the heyday of blogging.

    1. It’s definitely a word. Everyone says it! I just googled and learned that the standard has changed and it’s more accepted nowadays in writing, but some old-school writers are still against using it as a sentence opener.

      I love reading your blog—I hope you never stop writing!

  2. OF COURSE it’s a word!! FULL of HOPE! πŸ™‚ I was just thinking today how I miss blogging. I stopped because I felt like I ran out of things to say. All I really had to talk about was mission stuff (which we haven’t done in a long time now and don’t see anywhere on the horizon) and mommy stuff (which is so different now that my kids are in high school and middle school – no more family nights! :(] FB is just so much easier when you don’t really have anything to say. πŸ˜‰ [and…what’s up with all these emoticons??]

    I’ve never read either Boomama’s or Big Mama’s blogs, but I’m excited that you’ve decided to blog more! And…..lo and behold, there’s a comment up there from Starr Cliff! πŸ™‚

    1. I nearly choked when you said high school…your daughter is in high school? How can that be? Your family night posts were awesome, btw.

  3. I am so happy that you are returning to blogging! And, yes, I absolutely loved Boomama’s first book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet! Couldn’t put it down! I have her new book, and can’t wait to read it, but I’m saving it for “end of tax season” reward. Otherwise, well, you know, there will be some impatient clients calling me who will not be understanding!

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