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Birthday Countdown

The birthday countdown has begun.


I don’t need to tell you how excited she is about her 7th birthday coming up on February 16th (“that’s Present’s Day, Mommy!!” You see, she had sweetly mis-read the calendar that said President’s Day).

Oh my goodness, I love an enthusiastic mis-reading.

The other day, Emmie sat down with an assortment of construction paper ready to make a countdown garland. The garland is our tradition, but I’m usually the one who initiates this project. I’m really not much more DIY than this, so making them is a bit of a confidence boost for me. Now you know why I haven’t looked into starting a craft blog.

I didn’t realize it was a dream of mine that she take over this tradition, but I was really proud of her for doing so. She just decided one morning to get busy. We did not discuss it and there was no formal passing on of my talent and expertise with the big scissors and stapler. I only assisted with cutting the strips after realizing that she still needed me for SOMETHING. She had overestimated the amount of construction paper needed for 27 rings, and was slightly overwhelmed when she started cutting through a stack of paper thicker than herself. Rookie mistake.

Well, like I said, she is very excited about her birthday. We’re going to throw her a little party on a Saturday morning coming up. She decided on a pajama party theme, which is going to be pretty cute, I think. We’re going to have donuts piled up on a cake plate with some breakfast-type snacks, games, and a craft. I’m promising myself to keep it simple, but I had to take a peek at Pinterest and Etsy. Now, I know this: I can’t do a hot chocolate bar or pancakes on a stick with assorted syrups and cute little name tags, but I did order a garland with cute little sprinkled paper donuts.

I would’ve tried to make that garland myself, but it seemed a little out of my DIY comfort zone.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Countdown

  1. SEVEN?! Oh. My. Word. How can that even be possible? Happy, happy birthday, Emmie. Fabulous job on the garland! 🙂

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