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Pretty as a Princess

Emmie felt like a princess getting ready for Anna’s wedding. Like in the cases of all princesses (I’m sure), a quick breakfast of Froot Loops at the hotel was the perfect start of the big day. She was good to go. We made it out in time for the girls’ early morning appointment at the hair salon.

I gasped when I saw Anna. She looked so beautiful. Gosh…my daughter’s birthmother.





When it was Emmie’s turn, she sat still and was so good. We had picked out an up-do hairstyle on Pinterest that she liked. With the exception of putting a pony tail in for gymnastics every Tuesday or a once-in-a-blue-moon request to curl her hair, she won’t let me near her tresses. But I know her hair styles so well. She has great texture. I wish I could play with it more, but she is convinced she will die a million deaths. It’s a battle I know is not worth the fight, but in all honesty, I watched here and I was jealous.




Or maybe I was just lightheaded from the hairspray fumes.




Her hair looked so cute. It was pretty bouncy so she walked with a bit of extra sass.



I really want to say thank you to Anna who arranged for Emmie to have her hair done by her stylist. The manicure and hair appointment were such special experiences for Emmie, and it was really sweet that both were a gift from her.









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