Adoption (Open)

Birth Family Connections

Since the time leading up to a wedding is pretty crazy, we didn’t know exactly how much time we’d be able to spend with Anna’s family. It was really a treat to get to see her parents and sisters as much as we did. Anna has two sisters, Kara & Audrey, and they were 13 and 12 when Emmie was born. One of the blessings of our open adoption is keeping in touch with them. They are sweet, genuine, and funny. And beautiful inside and out.





During the rehearsal dinner, Emmie sat next to Kara. After dinner they started singing Frozen songs together.


Emmie made sure to get some time with Joe and Tina, too.





I’m so glad she got to spend precious time with Joe, Tina, Kara & Audrey. We couldn’t be more blessed to personally know how much they love Emily, pray for her, and fully support us as her adoptive family. There is not a single holiday throughout the year, including Adoption Day, that they don’t send a card. We love them very much and thank God for the special way he connects our hearts as family.











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