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That Was Strep?

As I was last saying (just a mere 2 weeks ago), our trip to Colorado was one that we’ll always remember. Emmie and Jake loved every minute of being apart of Anna’s wedding, and it was touching to see them so focused. They listened to instructions during the rehearsal and really wanted to do their best.


While we had very little stress during the trip, the week before was a different story. I had taken Emmie to the doctor and we found out that she had strep. She didn’t have any of the usual symptoms like a sore throat or fever, though. Instead, the strep infection caused her to have tics and different twitches.

She shook her head, jerked her elbows straight, and made quick glances up at the ceiling, all involuntarily. At first, we weren’t concerned because she shook her head kinda like she was flipping her hair out of her eyes. It seemed like a nervous habit or just fidgety 6-year-old stuff. However, as the arms and eyes joined the party, we needed to know what in the world was going on. The doctor told me that she wanted to order some blood work, but first she would do a throat culture at the office. Within a few minutes we knew the cause was strep. The doctor actually came in cheering about the results. “We can treat this! We know what it is!” she said as she hugged me. She sensed how worried I was (and honestly, I thought maybe she was, too).

Thank you, Lord. I was so grateful yet dumbfounded. I was not suspecting any kind of infection. She started antibiotics that day, but the doctor explained the tics may take up to 6 months to “calm down” and it may get worse before getting better.

I double-checked this with a friend who is a pediatric neurologist, and he agreed with our doctor’s opinion. God used his words to put my mind at ease when I sent him a video of Emmie. I caught some hidden camera footage one day while we were eating lunch. He said her tics were pretty mild, although he knew it didn’t seem that way to me. He also said he liked how she ate french fries (two at a time). 🙂

Anyway, to make a long story short, her tics did get worse (on our trip, bless her sweet and patient heart) but they are now almost gone. Every now and then (a few times a day) I notice them when she’s trying to sit still. That seems to be when they are the worst. She’s not bothered much by it (because kids, aren’t they incredible??) but I am proud of her for going through this. I know God will use it somehow in her life.


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