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Just a Quick Hello

I will be back soon to tell you all about our trip to Colorado. It was even more wonderful than I hoped it would be, but I just haven’t had time to upload the pictures from my big camera and sit down and write. There is much to praise God for – safe travels, good weather, healthy and happy kids, and hearts that were prepared for such a visit. It was nice to spend time with Emmie’s birthmom and her family (love them) and get to be there for such a special occasion as Anna’s wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, warm, and inviting, and the reception was a great party. We had a blast! The kids took their wedding party duties very seriously, too. Jake saved his money and purchased a cowboy hat to go with his tux. Emmie was a fan of all the bridesmaid pampering, and ditched us for a seat at the head table with the rest of the bridal party (satisfied with her kid’s plate of delicious chicken tenders and french fries).

The next day we drove about an hour to hang out with Jake’s birthmom and her family (16 of us altogether). We laughed a lot and had one of the best meals of my life. At the end of the evening Jake and Jordana had a few minutes to have a conversation one-on-one, and I know it was sweet and meant a lot to both of them.

A wonderful trip. I’ll be back to write more, but here are some pics from my phone.



IMG_1971 IMG_2006 IMG_2019



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