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We are on our way back home to Maryland after a nice visit with Mike’s family in Arkansas. Today is our anniversary, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the occasion than a road trip with the kids. Okay, maybe I can think of 99 better ways. Especially since Emmie just told us her tummy hurts. But, apparently, the potential for puke has been averted by allowing her to watch her choice of DVD–Despicable Me 2, instead of what her brother was viewing, the Lord of the Rings director’s commentary.

Number 1 of 1,754 of the day’s problems has been solved, and it’s before 8:00 a.m.

Actually, it might as well be Number 4. I should count the following: 1. Proper footwear was found after the van was packed. She needed her boots, not her sneakers. Because obviously. 2. The box of gummy Lifesavers that Jake looked “all over for” was found in his backpack. And 3. Although Mike had MacGyvered a new way for cords and plugs to reach where they’re supposed to go, Jake accidentally (but more like carelessly) pulled out the cord. Yet, I was able to save the day and successfully re-plug it in the right place. That feels pretty good, especially on a special day like this.

Our 18th Anniversary.


This picture was taken at Halloween (oh, was that explanation not necessary?) and I really like when Mike will take the occasional selfie with me. It always surprises me a little and delights me a lot. He’s full of delightful surprises. That’s something I love about him.

Take, for example, a delightful somethin’ I just learned today (it’s now about 11 a.m.):

I found out that he wrote a worship song that we often sing at church. Seriously, I didn’t know. I took a break from writing this post to listen in on our church service streaming live. The song that played after our pastor’s sermon was familiar, and I wanted to sing along, but I had to google the lyrics. I couldn’t find the version our worship team was singing, so I asked Mike why I had no luck. He simply said, “because I wrote them.” Wait, what?

He just looked at me and smiled but shrugged. Not a big deal to him; he just forgot to tell me. Now, let me be honest here. At first I wanted to slug him in the arm for that. I could’ve made this all about me, believe me. But, then the kids chimed in and got really excited. And we were “in church” so I was on my best behavior. 🙂

He had re-worked the hymn “A Soldier of the Cross” years ago and I HAD NO IDEA. Now, if I wrote a song and people actually liked it? Major news. I’d talk about that for a while, at least for a while in the way that makes your closest friends and spouse begin to roll their eyes a little. But not Mike. He just wrote a song, and did it in a humble way, an expression from his heart of worship. And I’ve been singing it for years, assuming that it was published and included in search engines everywhere.

Life (and the guy you vow to do life with) comes with all kinds of little surprises. You just never know what new things you’ll learn each day. God has a way of timing them ever so rightly.

Just like knowing when the right time to celebrate your anniversary is: after you recover from a road trip with the kids.


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