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There’s Always a Marvel/DC Debate

Which one is better? Marvel or DC? As a mom of a 12-year old boy, I have overheard this being discussed in the most serious of nature. Sometimes it gets heated and the debate includes a lot of “dude! but…” exclamations. I cannot contribute much to the conversation. I just smile and nod. I think, in the end, people agree that Marvel is the best.

But we are equal opportunity when it comes to Halloween. Agent Coulson and Supergirl, together, are nothing but awesome.


Usually we stay in our own neighborhood, but this year we were invited for spaghetti and trick-or-treating with friends.


All the kids had a great time and it was a fun night for the adults, too. The kids are now big enough that they stick together and go to the door by themselves while we wave from the bottom of the driveway. Mike and I have a rule that we don’t let our kids eat the candy until we can sort through the bags at home. This is especially important given that Emmie has a tree nut allergy.

Lo, and behold, this rule was extremely important this year. Look what we found in their bags!!


This could’ve been really dangerous for Emmie. She had begged me for a piece of candy while they were trick-or treating because all the older kids were eating along the way. I said no, no, no….then caved. I let her find some Whoppers, knowing that they are safe for her allergy. So she reached in. We discovered the loose nuts when everyone got back and dumped their bags on the floor. I could hardly believe my eyes. Someone handed out NUTS?? What in the world? We speculated that it might have been from an elderly neighbor or someone from another country who is unfamiliar with the custom. Coulda been – it’s not uncommon in some cultures to offer food or candy to anyone who comes to the door. But wow. WOW!

It was a wake-up call to me to stay strict about our rules.You cannot be too careful.

Even with Agent Coulson, Supergirl, Spidergirl, and Batman in the crowd.


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