Back to School (Including Me, Too!)

My first attempt at a nice back-to-school picture didn’t go as well as I hoped.


So we took it outside.


This year, he’s working a lot more independently. We’re using Sonlight, so there are books that I read to him everyday for about 30 minutes. He still wants to sit right next to me. I love that. The book correlates with what he’s learning in history (right now, China). His school days are longer – typically he starts at 9:00 and finishes by dinner, but he gets up and moves around a lot. We combat the regular daily stuff: distraction, interruption, silliness, complaints and mood swings. He gets to see all colors of my amazing and wonderful personality, too. But everyday ends on a good note. God makes a way.

This kid. He’s perceptive, thinks deeply, acts impulsively, and can be hilariously funny. He likes to bring his comedy into every assignment, and tries to get away with writing “because stuff happened” as an answer on paper. But if I ask him for a verbal response, I can’t believe how fluid the words come. He’s such a cool kid. He does make me laugh a lot.


We’re using Sonlight Core F (Eastern Hemisphere) for history, Horizons Math, Apologia Human Anatomy, DailyGrams, Wordly Wise, and he’s taking a writing class that follows the IEW method.

Cool news: Jake auditioned for a drama troupe and will be in “A Pirate’s Life for Me” next April and has started taking piano lessons, plus he will take art, PE, and a game-strategy class at our co-op, too.

And now, Emmie’s turn. I almost forgot about her. I admit, she is so quiet that I sometimes do forget about her. She just fades into the background…




Um, yeah. Not what really happens at all. She’s in 1st grade now, and she loves school.


(that is the one and only time we’ve started school by 8:15 a.m.)


School goes pretty fast for Ms. Em and she loves every subject because she likes the activities and one-on-one time with me. She loves math and art the best. She’s really fun to homeschool, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our challenges!

She doesn’t like to sit still when I read (reading is calming for Jake, but revs up Emmie’s mind), and she asks me what’s next on the schedule the SECOND we start to work on something. It doesn’t mean she’s ready to switch, it just means she wants to know what’s coming. I’ll be honest, it’s draining! I’m not a very talkative person to begin with, but she exceeds my word-count by the millions. She’s so fun and sweet, though.


Most of the time. 🙂

By 2nd grade, she’ll be able to read her lessons and take off. She’ll be homeschooling me!

Speaking of which…


I am a homeschool student this year. I’m going back to high school, in fact. Our high school institute is offering a photography class and they opened enrollment up to adults in our umbrella group. So, I’m taking the class with 8 others – 6 high schoolers and 2 other moms. I am really excited! With weekly classes and assignments from September until May, I hope to finally understand how to shoot in manual. I’m super happy that Mike is supportive and encouraging me to do this, too. He has to rearrange his schedule a bit to take care of the kids, and I’m really thankful. What a great husband I have!

That sounds kind of strange coming from a high schooler.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Back to School (Including Me, Too!)

  1. Y’all are off to a great start! I think your photography class will be so much fun–having different projects/assignments will be not only good technically but creatively–I’d like to do somehting like that. Keep us posted. 🙂

    6th and 1st? No way!! 😉

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