Back From the Beach

We are back home after enjoying a relaxing week in Myrtle Beach, SC. I don’t think I need to tell you how excited I was to hear that Mike worked ahead in his course work before we left. If my memory is correct, this may have been the first homework-free vacation we’ve had in 5 years. It made a difference for both of us, and it was much easier to relax! The weather was beautiful and we laughed all week. We had the best time!


I feel very awkward and plastic-jointed with my arm bent like so, but this picture makes me happy. The night was so much fun for us – we had just had dinner with Pops & Nana at the Hard Rock Cafe. The place was packed at 6:00 on a Wednesday, but we got a table near the bar, and the speakers started boomin’ out YMCA right around the time we got our appetizers. The wait staff obviously had been faithful in their choreography practice. I’m not sure if the men jumped in on the dancing, but Nana, the kids, and I got into it. Just a fun night. 🙂

Unfortunately, Jen had to get back to Atlanta for work by Thursday, so we missed her with us at the Hard Rock Cafe. But we had many other fabulous dinners together. We covered all the favorites – Mexican, Italian, seafood, and pizza. 


We are serious about our pizza. And a little unfamiliar with the sizing at this particular pizza joint. But 4 extra-large pizzas will provide plenty of leftovers for a family of seven. Just in case you’re wondering.

Mike’s parents generously gave Mike, Jen, and myself a night out on Monday (they took the kids to play mini-golf). We hit the town of Myrtle Beach! Not really. We drove .4 miles to Bonefish Grill and we were home by 7 pm, before the kids. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t LIVE IT UP with some Bang! Bang! Shrimp and a selfie to remember the night by! 


And, if you are stuck at the part where I told you we were home by 7, and now think we are too old for the nightlife (you would be correct), let me assure you we had enjoyed a moment of, say, pure and lovely immaturity. We laughed at someone else’s expense, but it was downright hilariously justified. Jen said to me, oh-so-subtle, to take a look at the woman’s shirt behind us.


How did she miss that huge price tag while putting on her shirt that night? I felt like a little girl trying to hide my giggling in church. It was so funny!

It was fun seeing Galion again. He’s the sweetest dog – he goes to work with Jen at the rehab hospital as a therapy dog, and his personality is so sweet. Emmie is allergic to him, poor thing, but she was loaded up on Zyrtec and wanted so badly to play with him. She would do everything in her power not to pet him or pick up his toy or tennis ball. Soon, she figured out that she could kick his tennis ball down the hallway and play fetch that way. She wanted to go on all the walks and her enthusiasm for everything he did was up at a level eleven. She wanted to know what Galion was doing 24/7. Both the kids loved him and hardly gave him any time to rest.

DSC_0956 - Version 2

I always love getting a family picture, but I’m not the best at leading the event. I picked this same spot that we took a pic last year, but didn’t consider how bright the sun was that time of day and I had forgotten my tripod at home, too. So, we asked someone to take our picture and at first glance looking at my camera, I didn’t think we had a good one (he took exactly 2 photos; I didn’t have the nerve to ask him to stand there and take the preferred fifty million). Oh well. The sun was so bright. Someone was bound to have their eyes closed in one of those pics.

Sure enough.

DSC_0957 - Version 2

So, the fact that the first family picture turned out decent is kind of a Myrtle Beach 2014 miracle.

This, in addition to another miracle on the same day. Mike had left his wallet behind on the bench and discovered it missing after we got back from dinner. But we called the police station and they had it! A kind citizen had dropped it off (9 miles away)! Thank you, God!


More pics from the beach. Goodbye, summer! We’ll miss you!





IMG_0783 IMG_0741IMG_0777IMG_0782 IMG_0794 IMG_0796 IMG_0808


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