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The Sleepover That Didn’t Involve Sleep

I’m attempting to write this post on my phone. We are on our way to the beach for a family vacation, and I’m hoping to unplug as much as possible while we are gone. But first, there are things I need to write about and document here on the blog. I have a feeling my son, who is turning 12 in a month, will forget how cool of a mom I once was. He’s at an age where he seems to think otherwise…a lot. So, while we are in the midst of pre-teen selective memory and recall, I feel there is a need to write this down in clear type.

Dear Jake,
You asked to have a sleepover for your birthday. I said yes. Including you, there were 8 – yes, eight – boys in our townhouse. I said yes. We had the party a month early so we could make it a pool party, too. I said yes. It happened.

Okay. I know I am absolutely out of my mind for agreeing to this. Mike thought I was crazy (and seemed to relish in the fact that I was a tad over-zealous when I first sent the invitations out. Or when I thought it would be a good idea to supply everyone a pool noodle. Or when I showed Jake a picture of a Hobbit cake on Pinterest that I declared quick and easy. He knew.) Every mom who came and dropped off their son sorta relished in my rose-colored glasses, as well. As they sped away, I’m sure they felt nothing but empathy for me, though.

Well, here’s how it went down. 8 middle school boys, together in one house, or together in one universe, are extremely loud. And unfiltered. I’m not talking about crude language or anything like that, because this group of boys are actually pretty good about following those rules. I’m just talking about their thoughts, their opinions, their egos, their “humor.” No filter. Nada.

But hey. They are immature and in the awkward middle school years. Some of it was humorous, some rather annoying. Most of it was a personal reminder that Jesus loved me when I was that age, and these kids also need to be shown love. Feeling accepted is critical.

Anywho, this sermon to myself is over. Let’s get back it displaying my cool mom-ness so Jake won’t forget.

The boys arrived at our house at 4:30, and we walked over to our pool. That is when we saw what happens when a bunch of boys get pool noodles (that the pool had) in their possession. That is also when we decided that the noodles I bought for outdoor games later would kept in the trunk and would forever be hidden from existence.


We had pizzas and cokes and stayed until the pool closed. Mike walked home with the kids and I drove home by myself and enjoyed the last 5 minutes of peace and quiet for the night. If I had been smarter, I would’ve grabbed a quick nap at the one red light between the pool and our house. Because I would’ve needed that.

After we got home and they were forced to wait for the front door to be unlocked, we had their attention for 45 seconds. We used this time wisely to go over the rules. No yelling or running in the house. No horsing around or wrestling in the house. Be careful, but tell me if you spill any thing. And lights out at midnight and go to sleep.

More on that in a minute.


We had some tag games and other outdoor games planned, but they bombed after 5 minutes. The boys just wanted to go in for cake.


The Hobbit Hole cake I saw on Pinterest was a big hit. It was easy to make thanks to the blogger’s step-by-step photos and a specific shopping list, but it was a multi-multi step process doing it together with the kids that brought sweat and tears. What a cool mom, right?!



I know I’m at least a classy mom with that roll of paper towel in lieu of party napkins.

So, did the boys sleep? No, not more than a couple hours. There were many reminders and threats before 4 a.m finally came and the house was quiet. But sleep didn’t last long before someone’s alarm went off and they all woke up at 6:00 to play Super Smash Bros.

And, I bet you’re wondering if they followed our other rules. Actually, they did! I was proud of how Jake enforced the rule of not horsing around I’m the house. He totally blamed me for them not being allowed to have an epic pillow fight around the tv and all the lamps and sharp corners and stuff. (I’m okay with that.) One of his friends protested and it made me laugh. He said, “aw, c’mon, it’s a sleepover. What are we supposed to do? Talk about our feelings and who we have a crush on?”

They watched movies (The Hobbit 2 and The Lego Movie), ate lots of food (they loved the Chickfila nuggets platter, which was a good idea), played with Legos, and goofed off with out knocking over lamps or causing someone to bleed in the basement. I was impressed that they were able to watch both movies, but it was still a long night!!


So, before I finish here, let me just say one thing about having a sleepover with 8 boys for a birthday one month in advance that might or might not be forgotten by the time I do my next annoying or embarrassing act as Jake’s mom. I am glad we had the sleepover because I’m glad to have had the chance to get to know his friends. They are pretty cool kids. I’m thankful for that. Maybe I’ll like them even more with more sleep, though. Let’s just be honest about that. 😉



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