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A Summer Summary

Woah, baby. The last time I blogged, I was posting pics of the 4th of July. What a fast-paced summer it has been! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

Our mornings were pretty lazy (just the way God and my slow-poke self intended them to be) except when we had to be somewhere. A few weeks this summer, we did have to get out before the crack of 8:30. We managed.

The kids LOVED their time at VBS. They made new friends, loved the music, remembered the daily lessons that came with some kind of science experiment to take home, and enjoyed the theme in general. Weird animals. How fun!


Jake got to participate in a fun camp at the Apple store. The camp was held before the store opened Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and they learned how to edit video in iMovie and add background music in Garage Band.


Jake used his iPod Touch to shoot a video, uploaded it to a flash drive, then edited it the next day at the camp. First, he sketched out a story board, then he went straight to casting. His sister got to play the role of a princess in distress (whose stuffed friend was taken from the Stuffed Animal Mafia) and he played the brave hero with amazing sword skills. It was really funny! On the last day of camp, they showed the movies and each camper’s video was so unique and creative.

I had to stay in the store while the camp was being held (legal fine print, but clever marketing, huh?). So we passed the time by playing on the devices. This girl loves her some photo booth.


On the last day, we treated ourselves to lunch at the food court. It was a fancy remodeled food court. The kids immediately got comfy and could’ve lounged while eating waffle fries all afternoon.


Some of our summer days were spent at the pool, doing ministry stuff (Bible Study for jr. high, gym games for kids in the neighborhood next to our church, planning for upcoming activities), and preparing for another year of homeschooling.



Emmie became a pro at predicting when my nerves at the end of a summer day needed calming down. Usually, it was as soon as we were handed the B1G1 coupon from the Target register.


Isn’t it nice of her to suggest that?

Hey, did you notice she lost her first tooth?



She was so afraid to have it pulled! SO much drama. But one night she let me pull it out after she prayed for God to make her brave. It was the sweetest prayer, followed by the most darling moment of relief. I believe God used it to build her faith. God answered her prayer!

But then more drama came (aren’t we all just like that?!) when Tooth #2 was ready to come out. Daddy pulled that one.

This summer has brought lots of growth for this little nugget.

She loves Jesus and sings worship songs all the time. Here she’s singing “Marvelous Light” with motions. Bunny and Kitty are into it.


She’s also been very interested in reading her baby album and hearing her adoption story. I’ve grown used to, and welcome, being asked deep questions from both my kids at the most random times and locations. Emmie’s going through a stage right now where it’s happening a lot. Recently, she tapped on the window as I was pumping gas and wanted to talk about her Placement Day. She’s putting pieces together (and I’m so, so thankful for that because it’s healthy) but feeling new emotions and understanding just a little bit more. It’s both hard and good. I’ll remember the summer of 2014 as being one of her adoption “milestones” when she felt free to ask questions and we had some of those tender, important conversations. I love her so much.




She’s growing up! Here she is in her newly arranged room – exactly how she wanted it. She was handed down a large doll house, so we needed to move the furniture to make room for it!

And here she is on our jr. high beach day – just playing with the big kids like it’s no big deal.


And looking so cool running her first 1-mile race.


This guy grew up a lot this summer, too.


He is now officially part of our jr. high group, finished the Bible Study book without too many reminders, went on a guys-only weekend with Dad, had a sleepover with 8 friends, got his first pet-sitting job, and learned the hard way about why you don’t put your hard-earned money in your pocket before you go into the ocean. 


But, he also learned how to get over something you can’t control and not let it ruin your beach day with friends.


And a Sonic milkshake helps, too.

Hope you’ve had a memorable summer, too!



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