Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July was pretty low-key for us this year. Mike’s school schedule has been crazy lately (we are near the end, friends – only 3 more classes to go!) so he went to his office all day. Boo. The weather was perfect for outdoor fun, too. Oh well, THIS IS THE LAST summer of seminary. That’s what I’m hearing in my head on repeat.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from five summers in Seminary, it’s that family fun can still be had even in the intense overlap weeks. We just have to be creative.

The night before the 4th (uh, that would mean July 3rd. Why didn’t I just write that?) we popped on over to Rita’s after dinner for a spontaneous outing. Ice, custard, and some happiness.


And, of course, some goofiness.


On the 4th, the kids and I didn’t do much of anything except go to the pool with friends. But that was awesome, actually. I felt like we needed a little something special for dinner that night, so when Mike was on his way home, I got busy and ordered Outback. Nothing says Happy Birthday, America like a bloomin’ onion from Curbside Takeaway.

And some ribs and chicken on the barbie, of course.


I was so indecisive about what to order. I don’t usually get a craving for ribs, but these were tasty.

About 8:00, after Mike squeezed in some reading about Isaiah in the few minutes after we were finished eating (good grief, Seminary!!) we headed out to meet up with friends for the fireworks. They told us about a perfect viewing spot they found last year. Local friends, I’ll let you know where it is so you can hang out with us next year. We still had some traffic coming home (that part is the worst!) but I loved being able to watch from the back of our van.



The kids were so funny. Emmie dressed up, making sure she wore her “sweater vest” and my reading glasses from CVS and Jake wore that big ol’ cowboy hat. For America. At first he had on a Western shirt to go with it, but it turns out he can be reasoned with from time to time. Those kids. They go all out.

The fireworks were great and I always get a little sentimental when we watch them. Sitting next to Mike, leaning in with my arm wrapped around his, I love thinking back to when he proposed during the fireworks 17 years ago. We had no idea what the future held. Just look at what God has blessed us with in that time!


(I kinda wish I hadn’t worn a hat all day)

(but I kinda love that Mike was the one who took this)

It just makes me feel all the more excited about the years to come. And even more so when seminary is over.

I hope you enjoyed the 4th, too!


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