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Camp Season

The kids just finished 2 weeks of camps which meant I had a little bit of time to myself each day. Well, most days. J was not feeling well for sports camp this week, so he was my sidekick on two occasions.

Yesterday, I took him to the doctor to check for strep, which came back negative. He perked up a bit after that news; I think he was relieved that he wouldn’t have to take medicine. She joked around with him and said that it still wasn’t a good idea to share germs or kiss any girls. She teasingly asked if he was doing that at camp. He answered with a smile, “not yet.” Then shot me with a certain look and gesture.


Picture taken earlier this month, but that’s what I’m talking about.

Oh Lordy. That kid.

The last day of sports camp was today (J did basketball and E did fundamentals for 3-6 year olds) and they both had fun. E made lots of best friends.


(Did you notice I’m not using their nicknames Max and Mini anymore? I think it’s time… just because they’re getting older and we don’t call them Max and Mini in real life. So I felt a little silly nilly keeping it up on the blog.)


Last week (Camp Week #1), J went to FCA camp and was part of the sports media team. He was so excited to go! We have many friends at church who support Fellowship of Christian Athletes in various ways, so he had heard from many people about it. At first he was going to do wrestling (which they ended up canceling anyway) but when he heard about Sports Media his eyes lit up.



Photo Credit: Katie S

The sports media team went around taking pictures and interviewing campers and coaches for a daily e-newsletter, but they gave J the job of making a video on his iPod. He shot video all day long of different things and they just let him be creative. He loved doing this so much. He made the videos with the iMovie app and we could see how he improved each day with his shooting and editing.

He came home each night so energized but physically wiped out. All day he had focused on the videos, but it was mixed with a crazy fun camp experience with great music, speakers, and meeting in their huddles (small groups). Their power verse was Colossians 3:17. On the first day he said he couldn’t wait to go back next year!


Here’s the last video he made for the daily newsletter that was emailed to parents. So proud of him and thankful for the coaches (and a couple of professional TV/film friends) who invested in the team. It was a week he won’t forget!



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