Seven Year Stretch

As far as hobbies go, blogging has been a cheap pastime. I started out with a free WordPress blog in 2007. After a few years of sharing pictures and videos of my kiddos growing up, I needed to start paying a reasonable $20/year for the media storage space. One time I got antsy and coveted for my own custom blog design, but anything over $100 seemed too much for a hobby that I couldn’t keep forever on my shelf. (haha those were the days when I still needed to hold something in my hand to justify its longevity).

My blog has always been a space for memories and lighthearted stories about life. I love to write. I love to take pictures and look at the photo for inspiration of what to write about, and find the laughter at the end of an exhausting day. It fills me with SO much joy to have readers, especially when we adopted Mini in 2008. I was thankful to have so much support and so many prayer warriors in our corner. God turned our disappointment of two failed adoption plans into a beautifully kept promise of His perfect timing. I often go back and read those stories just to remember how the Lord was in the details in spite of my spiritual blindness.

I dismissed any notion to grow my blog into its own brand. I’m still not sure what that terminology means, but I do have some regret for not doing it. Someone else came after me and blogs as sincerelyanna dot com; I wish I bought the domain when I had the chance. This old blog hasn’t made a single dollar for me, and that’s okay. Except – if I were to be honest – in my dreams I’d love for it to buy me some new throw pillows or take me to Disney World.

But, for me, after 7 years, blogging is still just a cheap hobby. And I LOVE THAT. It is a place for memories to be told and kept forever and ever and ever. Even if it’s just for me and my kids.

So…all that leads to me saying I’m still here, and will remain here. When I can sit down and write, that is. Nowadays, due to time constraints and having to share my laptop more often with the kids, I’m finding other ways to bookmark memories. Instagram is the perfect place for me to share pictures in the same way I like to blog about them: trying to find laughter in the midst of exhaustion. So they’re not perfect pictures even with the filters. But they give me that minute in my day to remember what we did, where we were, and why I didn’t have time to keep my kitchen clean.

Are you on instagram? I’m sincerelyannablog, if you want to follow.




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