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May is Busy: Understatement of the Year.

Aside from the hectic scheduling of plumbers, roofers, and mechanics, our calendar has been jam packed this month. We’ve had the normal push at the end of the year to finish what we planned to do in our homeschooling, but have also squeezed in all the extra things like award ceremonies.



Max and Mini earned awards in Awana and the ceremony was last week. Both finished their books, which means they memorized a lot of verses and did various activities like write about a missionary, invite a friend to Awana, serve in the church to help, etc.

Max and his friend thought of something they could do together: stack chairs in the kindergarten class every Sunday. What made us most proud is that they continued doing it week after week, which was above and beyond the requirement for a signature on the page in their Awana books. Love that!

Sometimes the sections in Max’s book had a question to answer or something to think about. Most of the time, these questions gave Max the chance to display his impressive ability to answer deep spiritual questions in 4 words or less.

On occasion, he seized the opportunity to display his goofy personality.


At least I’m #1. Sorry, Mike.

Both kids love, love, love Awana. Our leaders make it a lot of fun (Mike is the commander, but I’m not just saying that :)). I sometimes feel guilty that I just drop off the kids, but it is my only solitary 90 minutes all week. And I appreciate that time away SO much. My kids and the friends they invite that don’t go to church are well-loved and always enthusiastic about coming. I was so touched that our friend J (a 3rd grader that comes with us) was given her own Bible from her leader. It was a really nice girly Bible. Pink suede cover with flowers, people. With a bookmark. Mini was green with envy over it.

Anyway, J. said that she didn’t have a Bible in English at home. When her leader heard this, she spent her own money to make sure she had one that she would be proud of and would want to read. You should’ve seen how excited she was. I can not wait to see how God continues to show His love to this sweet girl. If you think about it, pray for her. Her family is wonderful but life is hard. God can use her to bring Hope to the entire family.

Thankful for Awana.



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