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Follow-Ups, Updates, and Randoms

1. My photography class that I am teaching at our co-op has started. When I sat down and thought about what I really wanted to convey to the middle schoolers, I became more relaxed. Before that, I didn’t sleep well. I must have been frightened that they were going to quiz me about f/stops while I stood in front of the class in my underwear. 🙂 So, yeah, I was overthinking it.

It was far better to simply teach what I know and inspire them with what inspires me. So, that’s the direction I’m taking, and they’re working on a photo journaling project. Plus, I asked them to bring in a throwback picture of preschool days and we tried to replicate their expression for a Then/Now collage. It was so fun and silly and they really got into it!



2. My mom and I (with the kiddos) ventured down to my sister’s for Easter. Normally a 5 hour trip, we got there in 8 hours on Good Friday and it took 10 hours to come home on Easter Monday. I-95 is the worst. We did stop at Cracker Barrel on the way home (as you do) and moseyed around the gift shop longer than we should have (read: we came home with a stuffed puppy that LOLs and rolls over, something we obviously couldn’t resist).

Spending time with Valerie and her family was really nice. The cousins get along very well and play non-stop. They just moved into a beautiful home in the country with chickens and a huge garden. Where my dream home would still be lacking DIY projects because I would never be able to decide what to do first, my sister and her hubby love the challenge of multiple projects and Valerie lives to serve others in practical ways. I enjoyed seeing her in her element. She’s a great mom and can fit a whole lot in 24 hours! She quilted two pillows while we were there – sure, why not?

My two were thrilled!

DSC_0237 DSC_0238

We had lots of fun memories from our trip, including the best pulled pork (my personal favorite) at Danny’s, a delicious Easter dinner with all the fixings the next day, and watching the kids hunt for Easter eggs approximately 3,000 times before they got tired and realized they were starving for ice-cream in a waffle cone.

April 2014

This was a place called Sunni Skies, and their ice-cream is homemade with sunshine and love. The best.

Well, that’s all for random updates. I’m on Instagram a lot more these days, so if you want to see what we’re up to, follow me over there. It turns out that I’m more of an Instagrammer than I thought and I like the quick and friendly hello that it is. Follow and say hi! I’m sincerelyannablog








2 thoughts on “Follow-Ups, Updates, and Randoms

  1. I’m glad your photography class has been going well! That’s a cute idea about throwback vs. now.
    Waffle cones usually trump everything. 🙂

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