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I’m Really Skilled in the Art of Procrastination

In preparation for a 3-week co-op elective I’m going to teach for middle schoolers, I have purchased or borrowed a good pile of books on digital photography. But while those books are impressively stacked on the side table, hardly a one has been even half-way finished in the months since I volunteered to take on the class. The minute I start reading about ISO and white balance, I start to wonder how photography holds such interest for me, but learning about it in a book puts me to sleep. Then I’m faced with a perplexing question: how on earth do I take THAT LEVEL OF ENTHUSIASM AND EXPERTISE and present it to adolescents in an engaging way, so they can actually learn something about this art?

Right now, with only a week left before my first class, I only feel equipped to say something like, “uh, just put your subject next to a window. Make sure your subject doesn’t move. Focus on subject and hold down the button. Click.”


And voila, you get a nice picture like the one above (one that I didn’t even take myself, by the way). The picture of the markers was taken by Mike because he was fixing my computer on Friday and had to test uploading a picture to Google+, and make no mistake, I tried to use that skillful photography as leverage to get him to teach the class for me. He just looked at me weird.

By the way, I’m not only cramming about photography in order to teach it to middle schoolers, I’m also learning an entirely different way of storing/uploading/downloading/etc/etc/etc the photos we will take. I don’t deserve your prayers because of my procrastination, but I need them!







One thought on “I’m Really Skilled in the Art of Procrastination

  1. I know exactly what you speak of! Procrastination should be my middle name, or maybe even my first name!! You’ve got this, Anna! Prayers will be forthcoming, though since teaching a big group of middle schoolers anything needs all the prayers you can get! xoxoxo

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