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Beauty in the Mess and/or the Detour

Getting away for a couple of days is my favorite. NOT A SECRET. As much as I love my people, I’m glad to give them the precious gift of time away from me. We all need a break from Mom, let’s face it. And Mom needs a break from being Mom.

Though I haven’t taken as many as I’d like because we have bills to pay and such, I love planning short getaways. But mostly, I love having the freedom to not make any of the decisions. That is the best. Having someone else make the decisions for me and fully trusting that it will be perfect (or perfectly imperfect) is the best, indeed.


In March, the women’s ministry at our church planned the best getaway to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Every detail was prayerfully planned for us, and it was such a wonderful weekend.


God had many things to go over with me during the weekend. We watched the DVD series from Beth Moore called The Making of a More Honest Me. It was all about dealing with our “messes.” Being honest with God about one of my specific messes was tough, but the timing was right and my heart was softened about it.

A couple weeks later, I’m still processing what I learned about Jacob’s wrestling match with the Lord and his relationship with Esau (the text from Genesis 32 that the DVD series was based on). If you like Beth Moore, I highly recommend this for a ladies retreat or a short Bible Study series.

One rather unexpected blessing from the retreat came in the form of colorful feathers. On Saturday afternoon, we played an Amazing Race kind of game that none of us knew had been meticulously planned. It was so much fun. We divided up into groups, ran to our cars with the first clue in hand, and raced to multiple destinations around town using our phones, then tried to locate the person standing near a helium balloon with the next clue. It was a rather ambitious activity with 10 cars (I think?) and 50+ women, but it was pulled-off with success (and much, much laughter along the way).

We lost the race by a long shot, but my group was still the most hilarious and fun to be with (because I am biased). I was with four women that I rarely get to spend time with. This was the perfect way to get to re-acquainted. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as it would depend on how you look at it), we asked Google for help in solving one of the harder clues, and our GPS led us to a recreation center that was a bit out of the way. But instead of allowing that detour to frustrate us, we started to do a U-turn in an empty parking lot and looked up at the porch of the building. A peacock. Like we see that everyday!

I believe that was the very first time any of us has seen a peacock sitting around (and then roaming around, but that was after I jumped out of the car and started following it around with my phone held out in front of me). Other than at the zoo, I mean.

And, while I love the peacocks at the zoo just as much as anyone, this was way more special. It just added one more special memory to dozens of other moments I’ll remember from this retreat.


2 thoughts on “Beauty in the Mess and/or the Detour

    1. A local told us that this one (and his mate) just wander around the neighborhood, too. Pretty interesting birds.

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