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Max used to tell me that he was part British; therefore, his British accent was effortless. He was somewhat confused about his birth family heritage (although on his birth father’s side, his great-great-grandfather was knighted in England, he was not British in origin), and he misunderstood how accents work, but a 10-year-old boy can come to his own conclusions about life and has it all figured out just the same.

By the way, I’ve never mentioned this part of his story before, but this is pretty cool history, huh? We learned about him when Max was born. Last year, Max researched and wrote a report about him. Just one more cool thing about his open adoption.

Anyway. He had a chance to show off his British accent this weekend when he played in a comic relief role as King Arthur, Monty Python style.

It was a role of a lifetime! 🙂


He had SO much fun. This was for “Showcase,” which is a dance recital that includes skits in between the dance numbers. The show was called History. History! History? and was written by our director. Max had several roles in the 2-Act Showcase and had four costume changes – a southern chef, a waiter, King Arthur, and a narrator (who was a figment of someone’s imagination). He had a long paragraph with complex wording, just to be dismissed as “boring,” which he didn’t appreciate.



But it got a laugh, to which he was delighted.

I’m so proud of him – he put his heart into it and had the best time making friends and getting to be apart of something really awesome. There were 128 homeschool students (ages 9-18) in the production. It’s well-done and run by MANY volunteers and professionals behind the scenes – just something fun for the community and a way to give kids a chance to share their talents and honor God with them.

Thanks to our friend, Jason Lynch, for taking these pictures and sharing them with me.



And thanks for another story part added to his story.


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