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A Perfect 10 for 4 Sweet Girls


These four fabulous friends are in the same gymnastics class. I am good friends with their moms, too, so it’s lots of fun. We talk and laugh and catch up as we watch them bounce around together from the trampoline to the bars to the beams to the floor. Our older kids (or younger ones) do school or play on the iPod. Amazingly, Max finishes his math in record time when we’re at the gym. He does not want to be the last one sitting before his friend, J, is allowed to play on his. Every Tuesday morning brings a fun and different setting for homeschooling, gives me a social outlet with my girlfriends, and allows Mini to have time with her friends doing a sport she loves. A Win/Win/Win.


I don’t know if gymnastics will be what Mini will do for the long-term, but at this point, she is pumped about it in every way. It’s the only day of the week that she will let me come near her with a hairbrush and a ponytail holder, so that should tell you something. She is having the best time.


When we arrive, the team is ending their morning practice (which started at 6:30, then continues after school for another four hours totaling 32 hours each week). Those girls are amazing and fun to watch and I admire their dedication. I can’t even imagine that kind of schedule and time back and forth in the car, but they do what they do with a lot of enthusiasm. And there are posters of Olympians on the walls that call this gym their home. There’s something to be said for that.

Who knows, we may have Olympic dreams budding right here. If I were a judge, I’d give them all a perfect 10 and a gold medal for cuteness.



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