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The Last of the Last of the Last

I hope these are the last snow pictures of the winter, but aren’t they cute? I just adore my kids.Snow2014


And I really adored them after I had a few quiet moments to myself while Mike took them sledding yesterday. During that time, I took deep breaths and closed my eyes and dreamed of being at the beach this summer. Then my thoughts bounced back to reality of how there’s three more months of homeschooling this year, and I got busy catching up on my planning.

But first, I needed to sharpen pencils. And since I was so productive at that task, I took a picture.


That photo actually gives me a lot of joy. I think maybe it’s the lighting, thanks to the snow, the variety of pencils that represent more to me personally because MY kids use THOSE (am I hormonal??), and the feeling of being on-top-of-things for a change. I planned for the week and not much further than that, but sitting down with purpose and pencils got my head back in the game.

This winter has lasted three million months longer than it should have, but one last hurrah of snowy weather, sledding (with Daddy home!), rosy cheeks, and good lighting in the kitchen does make me pretty happy.

But I’d be a lot happier if I knew with certainty that it was the last, for sure.


One thought on “The Last of the Last of the Last

  1. Cool pics! This winter has been one we will long remember – both for the fun and the drudgery! Time to put away the sleds and snow shovels and enjoy the daffodils!

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