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I’m Okay With Some Butter On That

It’s been quiet here on the blog because of several reasons. I’ve had one of those “and then” kind of months, where I felt about 90 years old and complained about one physical ailment after another. Who is tired of that kind of blogging? I AM, that’s who. So I refrained from lamenting here on the blog, but believe me, Mike could’ve used a shared sounding board.

I’ll go ahead and catch you up. I was sick with a terrible cold, felt better for a week, and then came down with it again and probably had a sinus infection, too. I missed church and youth group twice in one month and I hate that, but in my stubbornness, didn’t go to the doctor. Then I scratched my eye (because, of course). And then I pulled a muscle in my back while pretending to be Paula Deen at our jr. high mystery dinner. The End.

The mystery dinner was lots of fun, in spite of the fact that I felt ninety years old and was so annoyed at my own self for lifting a heavy lemonade jug (you know, one of those big orange ones). I had cooked all day for the dinner and I’m guessing I had bad form and posture. I was IN CHARACTER. 🙂


This is pre-Granny-threw-her-back-out. By the way, our jr. high teens had NO idea who Paula Deen was, and they simply thought I was a grandma who had an obsession with butter. I had so much fun pretending to be Paula, and Mike was Sergei the Russian Hockey Player. He was a suspect (the crime was someone had stolen my butter. GASP!) and his accent was hilarious!

Other suspects were Dorothy (and Toto), King Arthur, a skater dude, a head coach, a French chef, and Rosie the Riveter (who was the perp. GASP!). We asked friends at church to help us out for the evening, and they really got into it.


I only wished I asked them to help me lift that lemonade.

As soon as I got home, I took Advil and slept with an ice pack all night. Mike said I was in pain all night long (he didn’t get much sleep and had that same expression in the morning as in the above picture). But I went to church (mostly because I love talking to the teens the day after an event. It’s the best time to connect with them). Anyway, I was sore all day but by Monday night/Tuesday I was feeling back to myself. Thank you, Lord.

I’m now ready for the craziness that the month of March has in store. According to our packed calendar and yet another round of freezing cold weather, it will live up to its lion-like tendencies. But as long as things eventually calm down, there are no pulled muscles or scratched eyeballs, and there’s enough butter to go around, I think I’ll be fine.


One thought on “I’m Okay With Some Butter On That

  1. The mystery dinner sounded like a blast. Not only for the kids but the leaders really get into it too! It was fun helping you get your “costume and props” together for your Paula Deen role!

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