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Happy Birthday, Mini


Although Disney Princesses were certainly present for Mini’s 6th Birthday, she actually chose Strawberry Shortcake for her party theme.

Per usual, we took a trip to the party store for everything we needed. I kind of love that place because it’s so organized and colorful, and it brings so much joy to both my kids. Mini wanted a small family gathering this year, because for some reason she’d rather wait another year for a party with friends. The whole idea of being Mommy for the day was her big wish and main focus in life for the past several weeks, anyway.

(until three days ago when she suddenly remembered that she really did want a party with friends, after all.)

Anyway, we were at the party store on a mission to find Frozen cups, plates, and napkins. But they are out of the loop and two months behind the times, because they didn’t have anything in stock. So we went with Plan B and grabbed a bunch of Strawberry Shortcake items, instead.

And that’s the thing. In MY mind, it mattered that they didn’t have Frozen decorations. She had been talking having a Frozen party for weeks (a party with just us, I know, but still a big deal).

No offense to Strawberry Shortcake or her Berrykin friends, but I was kind of disappointed that she had to go with Plan B. I mean, I didn’t shed any tears over it, but I had been on Pinterest! I was going to try an Elsa cake!  You know, the doll cake in the Pampered Chef mixing bowl!

But the change of plans didn’t matter a single ounce to her and I love that about her.

We had a great time decorating cupcakes.


And she rocked the Strawberry Shortcake hat she picked out at the party store.


(my kids love hats, can you tell?)


Our little party involved decorating and eating cupcakes, playing games, opening presents, and watching the exciting USA/Russia hockey game that Mike had recorded. (Mini wasn’t such a big fan of this part because there was a SCHEDULE of GAMES and MORE GAMES to PLAY UPSTAIRS but let’s just call this more practice for being a Mommy. And how sitting on the couch together with your family is about the most wonderful thing in the world no matter what).

But it was still such a fun time together. We made great memories today!







One of the best memories was when we had a scavenger hunt for her princess dolls. It was like a herd of elephants were on the loose in our house when Max and Mini went up and down the stairs to look for them. We were laughing so hard. And Max is the sweetest big brother to be so involved in making the day special. I love that.


Mini, you bring me so much happiness and joy. You’re beautiful and cute as a button, caring, sweet, funny, smart, bouncy, enthusiastic, and, as you tell me, an “expert” of many things and, girl, you are a leader by God’s design. I can’t wait to see where He takes you.

Right now, you make the best snack plates in the universe and playing and imagining is your work and you’re good at it! It’s okay that you think cleaning your room means throwing various toys, bracelets, socks, and Barbie accessories into the corners or in a big pile hidden behind your pillows is good enough. It’s okay that you won’t let me brush your hair. I’m teaching you about bins, drawers, and conditioner and you’re teaching me about perspective and choosing the right battles. I love your bold yet sweet nature, and I love spending time with you more and more. I love having conversations with you and hearing what you have to say. You WILL be a wonderful mommy and wife someday, if that is the Lord’s plan. God is showing you more and more about His love. He loves you and He’ll never let go. I love you bunches. Happy Birthday! Love, Mommy


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mini

  1. Loved reading about Minis birthday celebration! Hope 6 is just as special as the past 5 years have been for your little princess!!

    Love ya,


  2. Happy Birthday Mini! It looks like you guys had an AMAZING party!! I love the Strawberry shortcake hat on Mini….so cute! I can’t believe how much her doll collection has grown. 🙂 I still remember when we found the Little Mermaid doll together. And I completely agree with you, she will be a great mama someday, just like you are!

  3. What a fun party! Love the hats, cupcakes, decorations and the scavenger hunt. Six already! Hard to believe. Happy Birthday, Mini. You are a blessing!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mini!! Your pictures made me miss my kids being little. Can’t believe she is 6 already! I started reading your blog shortly before you brought her home. 🙂 What a fun birthday!

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