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Sixteen Inches of Snow and a Six Year Old

The day before we got hit with a major snow storm, I ran all the important errands you should take care of in the event of inclement weather coming your way. I filled up my van with gas, stocked up on groceries, took Max to get his haircut, and went out of eat for lunch (why is this essential? because it would be dayyys before we would be able to leave the house).


Notice I didn’t list the need to go through the car wash, even though it could use a good foam cloth action. What you see on the window is salt residue from the roads. With another snow storm coming, though, I decided to put it off yet another day and take the kids to Burger King, instead. They applauded that decision.

I also picked up some essential reading material for me. 1392252835942

This has been the perfect book to get me through the snow storm. I’m loving every page of The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle. I’ve loved her blog for years, and adored her first book about raising her daughter. This one about her marriage is so relatable, with that humorous way of how she tells a story that also makes her blog so fun to read.


We woke up on Thursday morning and there was already a foot of snow on the ground. One of our neighbors had to go into work in spite of the bazillion cancellations, and I felt bad for him. But not too bad. I took this picture and poked fun of his blue folding chair that guarded his spot all day. Sometimes you get to share something on Facebook that brings people together for a chuckle at humanity (or so I think). I love that.


M & M loved the snow (they will never get tired of it, they are the exact opposite of their mother). They both helped shovel and it was hard work to move all that snow. Even the next day, they were willing to use their big muscles to shovel the deck, which is a job they were told needed to be done before we could go to the Lego movie that night.

Evidently, Max was supervising.


Did I say we were going to be snowed in for days? Yeah, not so much. Even with 16 inches of snow, the roads were fine, thanks to a sunny day on Friday and major tax dollars at work to clear the roads. Our neighborhood roads were good too, and they provided safe traveling to Chick-fil-A for a fancy Valentine’s family dinner before the movie.

Now, for the six year old.

She will be six tomorrow and I can’t even believe it. Today we celebrated (since Sundays are busier for us) and she was Mommy for the day.


Like the mommy that I see her being one day, she enthusiastically gave orders. I was the daughter and I had to listen to every thing she said (or else I’d be grounded). I made her pancakes and she ate them on her Special Day Plate, was in charge of putting as much butter as she wanted on them, and worked on her scientific research in between bites.



Then she cleared her own dishes, took a bath, put on a sweater dress, and announced she was going to sit and relax in her princess tent.


Because that’s what mommies do.

(more birthday pictures to come)


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