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Duck, Duck, Goose

One of the memories my friends will have of Mini when she was young is of her playing Duck, Duck, Goose. Since she was itty bitty, she has rallied kids young and old to play the game with her. After church, before church, outside on the grass, inside on the carpet. Three people. Ten people. Didn’t matter. She was most likely the one to get the game going and it was always fun to see how she tried to keep the enthusiasm rolling.

So, it was no surprise that at the Valentine’s party we attended on Monday, I spotted her with a bunch of friends playing Duck, Duck, Goose. There were plans for other games – in fact, all the other age groups played fun games with a Valentine’s theme. But the kinders were the last group in the rotation, so I’m sure the teens were just fine with playing whatever they wanted to play.

And I know it made Mini happy!



What was your favorite game to play with friends when you were little? Mine was anything that didn’t involve running. I loved Ghost in the Graveyard. 🙂


The Valentine’s Party was a lot of fun, by the way. Besides games, they played Bingo, decorated cookies, made a craft, and handed out Valentine’s to other kids in their same grades. Mini made little picnic baskets (similar paper craft here) and put some Hershey’s chocolates inside. Max cut out fedoras from construction paper and stuck lollipops in them. I love his creativity, it took him 2 seconds to decide what to do.



We love our homeschool group, and these kids CRACK ME UP. They are a huge blessing. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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