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Super Weekend


I thought that since it was February 1st, I’d make an egg-in-a-heart for breakfast on Saturday. It’s sideways and you can barely tell it’s a heart, but I thought it was a nice way to say hello to a new month (and a fun month with lots of things on the calendar).


Can you see what Mini is up to even if this picture is blurry? She is making her own lunch, or snack plate, as she calls it. This is a new pastime. She’ll pick out some of the most random and unappetizing combinations. On this day she went through the fridge and chose cold mashed potatoes, cold green beans, a heaping spoonful of feta, apple sauce, and blueberries. Mmmm-mm.


On Sunday we went to RH&B with friends (our friends who moved to Charlotte). It was great to catch up and I predict that the friendships between our kids will last for a long time in spite of the distance.


These boys are especially good buddies (pic taken last summer). I was talking to Max about how cool it would be if they stayed close friends as they grew up. Maybe even go to college together. Max said, “well, yeah that would be good, but Mark is going to play for the Ravens when he grows up.”

Everyone needs a friend who believes in us like that, don’t we? But then again, I think Max was saying he could no longer be his friend in that case. So, in other words, his statement confused me and delighted me all at the same time.


We had a SuperBowl party in our new church building. It was hosted by our jr. high and high school groups. The turnout was pretty small, but we had fun, anyway. I helped with the cotton candy machine and two of our jr. high boys helped me. They did a much, much better job than I did.


Mini was a sweaty mess because she was playing and running around with her friend and anyone else she could convince to play ping-pong with. God bless our teenage girls, they are so sweet! Mini couldn’t care less about the game on TV. She barely paused for a bite of any real food, but when it was time for cotton candy, she stopped in her tracks. She also loved handing out cotton candy with Max, who came back to the table and suggested we “take this thing mobile.”


Most of the evening, you would find Max watching the game from the comfort of one of the couches that they moved into the sanctuary from the lobby. But if you looked closely, he was playing on an iPod. He calls this multi-tasking.  He was also up and making regular rounds by the popcorn machine, cotton candy, and snack tables. So, his night was busy in typical 11-year-old fashion.


This is the perfect picture to describe our Monday morning. We dragged ourselves out of bed and made slow progress getting started with school. We were supposed to go on a fun field trip to a railroad museum with 9 families, but I cancelled it because of a winter storm warning. Since I was coordinating, I had to make that call yesterday so I could give notice to the museum in time.

Whomp Whomp. It was only raining here, so any consolation/excitement about a canceled trip to the museum because of snow was quickly deflated. I threw in the towel and told the kids they could watch TV if they worked really, really hard for a short amount of time. Mini wrote me a note with a promise that she took my words seriously.


Translation: I am doing 3 pages.

I appreciated her goal-setting because it meant she did work faster. I wanted the kids to be done with school as much as they did. This was a Monday when I just wanted to crawl back into bed!

How was your Super weekend?


One thought on “Super Weekend

  1. Hey, Anna! Just wanted to say hi! I spent a bit of the evening catching up with your fam as I also watch the olympics! So good to see that you are all doing well! Many hugs your way!

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