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Five for Friday

1. What a week to remember. I would say what a week to forget, but I think we should make a point to remember the hard ones, too, so that gratefulness trumps all. The horrible snow and ice in the south tied my stomach into knots on behalf of Mike’s sister, Jen. She was stuck in traffic on her way home from work in the Atlanta area. It took her over TEN HOURS to get home and she was alone, but accompanied by her service dog in the backseat. Just. Can. You. Imagine?

Jen uses a wheelchair (she is paralyzed from a car accident in college) so I was specifically praying that she would be able to drive her car all the way into her garage. It was almost midnight when she finally got off the interstate but of course there was another gridlock situation on the 2-lane road. God answered so many prayers for her (we were all thankful for how often she posted updates on Facebook). He gave her car the oomph and to Jen he gave an extraordinary measure of mad driving skills to make it all the way to her neighborhood, up a hill that many of her neighbors’ cars could not make without spinning their tires and being abandoned, and right into her driveway and garage.

And then her dog made some yellow snow in celebration.

Praise the Lord! I want to cry.

If you read BooMama’s blog, then you probably cried happy tears while reading her posts about the storm like I did, too. I’m sure this will be a chapter in her next book and I can’t wait to read more about how God provided.

2. Back here at home, we had a much less eventful week but I spent all of it in a Nyquil fog, regardless.


My kids must have heard the adage from someone somewhere that you feed a cold. Over the course of Monday, while we attempted to get some school work done in between my constant need for naps, I had several deliveries each time I awoke. I thought the construction-paper umbrellas in the lemonade were really nice. They made me some cards, too. Max’s was really touching. He wrote on the front that he hopes this card gives me all the comfort I need. Then he taped, on the inside, various items he found on my vanity: a comb, some lip gloss, an emory board, and a picture of some cute kid he cut out of a magazine.

I would’ve taken a picture of the card with all the items taped inside (and should have) but I guess he was also trying to tell me in a polite and gentle way that maybe I should actually USE them. I was lookin’ pretty rough.

Mini’s card included a rainbow of colored toothpicks with lots of drawn hearts and messages of I Love You. I’m pretty sure the toothpicks were a hidden message, although I’m still trying to figure it out.

Anyway, I’m feeling much better now, thanks to how much my kids let me rest this week (yay!).

Max was a big help in keeping our homeschooling going. Not only did he get his work done, but he helped Mini with hers, too.


3. On Thursday, when I was finally feeling human again, we had lunch with friends who recently moved away and came back for a visit. The kids played on the playground at Burger King for 3 hours. It was exactly what all of us needed!


4. With the big event coming up on Sunday, you know we made big plans. I’m talking Groundhog Day, of course.

We are EXCITED about Groundhog Day.


Doesn’t she look excited??

I signed up for a nature class (several, actually, because she is aging out of the opportunity to take classes that our county offers for 3-5 year olds). All week – in my Nyquil fog – I told her we were going to a class on Friday and it was about woodpeckers.

I had signed up for so many in January and February that I got them mixed up – today was obviously about groundhogs (or woodchucks, as our naturalist storyteller more often referred to them). (By the way, I thought he was kind of annoying! It’s not called Woodchuck Day.)

In addition to some confusion when we walked in, she also quickly noticed that she was the oldest in the class and “it weirded her out.” hahaha well, that’s a first.

Mostly, there were 3-year olds around the circle. I could tell she was not loving the whole groundhog/woodchuck theme at first for several reasons.

She was so good, though, and she listened to the story and made the craft (the mask plus decorating a yard bag to look like a groundhog’s underground home and filling it with construction paper leaves), but she kept telling me she’ll “play later at home.” Oh, okay. Not in front of the 3-year-olds. šŸ™‚

DSC_0074 DSC_0040 DSC_0008

She definitely had fun pretending to be a groundhog playing in her underground burrow at home. What a fun activity. And she recalled lots of things she had learned – all things that make these nature classes so wonderful. I’m sad to see the 3-5 year old classes coming to an end for our family.

5. Lastly, this. I love/hate snow. But I love/love this.

IMG_20140131_113856 IMG_20140131_113815

And this


Have a great weekend!


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