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It’s all fun and games until someone spills a Diet Coke in your lap

It rained all day Friday and Saturday, but that didn’t stop us from having a great weekend. We went out to eat, had oodles of family time, and hung out with friends and played games most of the weekend.

On Friday, Mike worked from home, I took Mini to get a haircut, and we played Pictionary in the afternoon.



He’s drawing a mosquito. Not bad! You should see my attempts to draw. I’m terrible and I end up defending my pictures every time. My family is merciless! But it was so much fun. We were super relaxed on the rules, just taking turns at the board and rolling the dice for an extra challenge (drawing with eyes closed, off-hand, one line, etc) and giving Mini some easy ones. I think every time we play this game, Mini gets to draw The Little Mermaid.



Nice seashell bikini, huh?

My mom came over to watch the kids on Friday night. Mike and I went out to dinner and decided to try Kraze Burgers. We walked in and I had serious doubts. The place was empty on a Friday night. But then it dawned on me that we were there before 6 p.m. and most people who eat at burger joints on a Friday night are young and eat late. That’s not us anymore; we’re old and need all the time in the evening we can get to digest our food comfortably. 🙂

IMG_20140110_180708 We did love those burgers and fries, though. The Kraze sauce (I think that’s what it ‘s called) is so good!

What’s up with their logo?! I have to ask! I don’t like it. Not at all!  I don’t like the backwards letters. I don’t like the smaller font for the s at the end. There, I said it.

I am a woman of very strong opinions and I’m just downright disgusted.


I look really disgusted, don’t I?

I need to work on that, apparently. Today at lunch, for example, a server (runner) knocked over my Diet Coke when placing my very large chicken avocado club sandwich plate in front of me. The glass broke from hitting the table, and the entire drink and ice spilled onto my lap.

If I could spell the sound I made, I would write it so you could easily understand just how cold it was.

We were at a nice restaurant and they were so apologetic, but our waitress didn’t make amends in the form of taking anything off the bill (except for the Diet Coke, but they offer a free drink for their Sunday brunch, anyway). I guess I could’ve asked, or caused a stink about it, but I didn’t.

I just smiled like a goof and felt bad for the guy. Need to work on my disgusted expression!

I’m kidding. We were with someone who is new to our church and his charming 4-year-old girl was on top of the situation. She was so enamored with the waitress who repeatedly came back to check on me, that she asked if she could tell her about God and Jesus.

So what could I do? Nothing but laugh and try to be a big girl about my drenched jeans. Who knows how God ended up using that scenario, right?

All I know is this: ice-cold Diet Coke in my lap is really the only downside to my entire weekend. Can’t complain too much about that!


2 thoughts on “It’s all fun and games until someone spills a Diet Coke in your lap

  1. Your new white board is coming in handy for school and games, perfect!

    We don’t have a Kraze Burgers around here but I might not be able to eat there out of annoyance at their creative spelling and fonts. That stuff bugs me too.

    Sorry about the spilled drink. I probably wouldn’t have said anything either because I never want to be that type of person that complains in a restaurant, but they really should have offered you a free dessert or coupon for your next visit or SOMETHING. At Jimmy Changa’s the waiter spilled a glass of ice water on Annelise but she had just finished soccer so at first it felt good, then she got cold so they gave her a monkey t-shirt (their logo), she was stoked.

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