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I May Not Accomplish This Much Again Until the End of 2014

In an unusual turn of events, we worked a lot around the house over the holidays. Mini was sick and Mike had several days off in a row, so we hunkered down and got some stuff done. We checked off all sorts of random jobs from our Things That Were Way Overdue To-Do List.

We now have some new shelves in the basement, the kids’ rooms, and our closet. Max has a new comforter on his bed and we have a new floor lamp in the living room (love). And finally, after years of using our kitchen as the primary school room for our homeschooling, we now have a dry erase board on the wall.



I’m in LOVE with having that board on the wall. I hesitated for so long because, well, it’s sometimes a weird thing to share a kitchen and a school room all in the same space. But, it works!

I l-o-v-e having that board on the wall. I feel very teacher-like, and I guess I needed that. As you can see, Mini does, too.

Side note: OH those pink jeans.

Another thing I did was clean off my bulletin board. FREEING.

It may take me a while to get around to do, but I’d like to make it pretty in some way. I’ll have to look up ideas on Pinterest. For now, it’s plain and boring. But I have pinned my most important set of reminders to it.


My friend Trisha printed that list of verses out for us one summer for a MOPS Bible Study. The verse on the green note is one I wrote down from a Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion. Do you subscribe to those in your feed or email? I start my day (or aim to start my day) reading those.

We also cleaned up and organized the kids’ rooms a bit. One of the things Max asked us to do is change his comforter and take off the adorable knobs he’s had on his chest-of-drawers since he was a toddler.



Couldn’t he have kept those on his furniture until he went to college? I, I don’t understand.

We replaced them with plain black knobs I found at Lowe’s, and I’d show you a picture but Max’s room is not picture-ready at the moment. It looks a lot like our front doorway did on the snow day.





Another clean-up/organization thingy we did was down in the basement.


I don’t know if you noticed, but there is a low table in the kids’ play area.

Before (I forgot to take a before picture) you couldn’t see the table. You just saw four table legs and a mound of Lego’s. It was out of control. We sorted all the Lego’s on top to clear off the space so he could use the table again for building or playing, or whatever. Even school stuff. You can’t have too many tables when you homeschool.

We checked off things left and right, it felt great! We also carried multiple bags of trash out to the curb, dropped off a load of clothes and toys to charity, and bought a new/used car for Mike. The time finally came to say goodbye to his truck. We really don’t need a truck these days, just a car that will get him from point A to point B.


Driving home in a Yaris lacks some elements of luxury, sure. You would be right about that. But it was the perfect ending to our very productive, very practical vacation week.


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