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Snow Day

We got a couple of inches of snow yesterday – with the biggest, most beautiful flakes – and personally, I love when the snow starts falling in the late afternoon. It gives me plenty of time to prepare for the next day. Not that I did anything to get ready especially, but my mood was ready. And on snow days, that’s a very crucial preparation.

This morning, the kids got up early, had breakfast, and we did some school. Mini asked to go outside 162 times IN EXCLAMATION POINT QUESTION MARKS, so after she could not be still any longer, she and I went out for a walk before Max was finished with his math.

DSC_0084 DSC_0095

Snow days always seem to be accompanied with the unwelcome realization that my kids are growing up too dang fast. Their boots make feet that I swore were itty bitty yesterday look enormous today.

So, I did what I had to do. I took a picture of my little girl standing in front of a huge tree wearing a bunny hat. It makes me feel better. She’s still small.


By the time we returned from our walk, Max finished up his math and was ready to go sledding. We had the best time on the neighborhood hill with a few other kids. I think some of these pictures will become favorites of mine, like this one.


They both were daredevils on the hill (but it’s really not such a big hill). The boys built a mogul that made me a little nervous, but my inner mantra of “just let them be kids” was on repeat inside my head today.

This one wasn’t allowed to go down the path with the mogul but she sped down the hill and wouldn’t stop until she landed in the prickly bushes. She lost a boot and a hat in the process but IT WAS SO FUN!


What a great day!





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